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cog.jpgRestoration and acceleration does not happen by chance. Restoration means more is accomplished in a shorter time. The wise men came with gifts for a king and not toys for a child. Jesus was accelerated into His destiny. Expect a bridging of time and gaps. Read more

It is time to multiply. Posted

cog.jpgVital connection in God is important this year in order to increase and bear much fruit in God. God wants to use you as His vessel of proof to the world. To be a person of influence and stay relevant, your connection with God is crucial John 15. Read more

Acknowledging the good in you Posted

cog.jpgAcknowledge your current situation is a seed that has the capacity to germinate into fruit (manifest). Seed is placing value based on what God says. Harvest is placing value based on what people say. When making choices, look for a seed and not harvest. Read more

Destined beyond the Manger Posted

cog.jpgDestiny is not luck or a destination. It is becoming Christlike. There is no utopia in life. Life is not about finding yourself in the ideal situation but being the ideal person.  Read more

Influencing Culture Posted

cog.jpgAll Christians are called to make disciples of nations which can be paraphrased as immersing the world in God's culture i.e., kingdom. So why is there still corruption on earth?  Read more