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Embracing Your Now Posted

cog.jpgAt times, you find yourself in a scenario you did not expect to be in. You may have plans but they may not always work out. Embrace God’s plan. Leave your dashed plans behind and look to God to redirect your path. He will reward you. Read more

Beyond Lodebar: The character of Ziba Posted

cog.jpgService is a way God positions you to receive. However, you need to serve as a son (who inherits from the father) and not as a servant (who works for wages). Service allows God to transfer His essence/nature into you but oftentimes focus is on benefits. Read more

Accelerate through Family Posted

cog.jpgMarriage is a God ordained institution to provide companionship, sexual fulfillment, spiritual cover amongst others. If violence and abuse occurs, then separation to regroup. is advised. God hates divorce but not the divorcee. God, man and the woman all h Read more

Accelerate through Prayer Posted

cog.jpgYou must understand the season you are in and respond immediately with prayers to avoid loss. Your prayers should be tenacious to guarantee victory. God gives you a burden which you pray over to get results that are enforced by warfare. Read more

It's a Set Up Posted

cog.jpgHannah embraced her pain of childlessness. She cried and then focused on God's need which was a son to serve him as Eli's sons failed. That was why she asked for a son. She was able to give back a son she was yet to birth as she was focused on God's needs Read more