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The Atmosphere of Rest & Revelation Posted

cog.jpgRest is not inactivity but active unwavering faith in God’s original plan and purpose for your life. Revelation opens your eyes to see the finished work. To access revelation,camp by the word of God. Revelation is a believer’s lifestyle. Read more

The Atmosphere of Rest & Revelation Posted

cog.jpg               Heb 4: 1-11 To rest means to adopt what God has already finished. Anything God has not finished will never last. Psa 127: 1 As believers in Christ we believe in God’s finished work, our labour is to enter into what God has already done by l…  Read more

Walking in Rest Posted

cog.jpgTo reflect God’s glory and live life well, you must operate from a position of rest. Rest is physically adopting what is spiritually established. The opposite of rest is not work but anxiety. Choose to pray your anxiety away so you live in rest. Read more

Acknowledge the Good Posted

cog.jpgWhat you see determines how you worship! Read more

Why ask When? Posted

cog.jpgProgress in life appears to be measured by one’s achievement at every season/stage in life. Time is the unit of this measurement. Where there is delay, we start to ask questions and begin to worry and doubt if God’s word is potent. Why ask when?  Read more