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It’s all in the circumcision Posted

cog.jpgIt’s all in the circumcision Read more

Stand by your thanksgiving Posted

cog.jpg             Num 23:1-17; Jer 29:11 No matter what you are going through, there is a beautiful future ahead of you.  Num 23:17; Luk 17:17 Stand by your thanksgiving, stand by your gratitude to God. Don’t let your s…  Read more

There's more; reset your focus! Posted

cog.jpgWhat do you intend to leave as an impact in this world? Read more

Power to Behold Posted

cog.jpgIf you want to see something new, change your focus. Read more

Heart Surgery II - The State of the Heart Posted

cog.jpg             Luke 8: 5-15 Sower in the context of this text means He who draws out. What is the Sower drawing out? 2 Cor 4:7 When everyone was born, each person has a measure of treasures within. These treasures can be in the…  Read more