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Remember God Posted

cog.jpgPeople forget God in times of great success or tribulation. Remembering God should be a function of His goodness and not your situation. Read more

Potiphar's house: The Incubator Posted

cog.jpgJoseph saw his journey to Egypt as a slave as degrading but God saw it as his initiation into upgrading. Wherever you find yourself, God is teaching you something so serve properly so you advance. Instead of asking "Why me?" ask “What is God teaching me? Read more

The Journey of a Dreamer Posted

cog.jpgYour dream is bigger than its impact on your life. Don’t contend with dream attacks as if they are there to rob just you but also to rob others. Fight by speaking the Word and then heaven will open. Offer praise as this transports you into God's agenda.  Read more

Big Dreams – The Anatomy of a Dreamer II Posted

cog.jpgJoseph came to a place of maturity and he knew that he was blessed to be a blessing. Your favour is not for you but for those around you. Your fulfilment in life is the value you give to others.  Read more

Big Dreams & Detailed Visions Posted

cog.jpgDare to dream big. See your dream as a seed. Don’t lose your dream. Your ambition vs. God’s Vision Read more