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The Essence of my Faith Posted

cog.jpgHave you ever stopped to consider why you are still serving God? Although many things may have driven you to become a Christian, what is keeping you in Christ? Is it because of what you expect from God or is it because you desire a relationship with God? Read more

The Fighting Spirit Posted

cog.jpgYou may have been hearing about the promised land but now, the Lord is commanding (not asking) you to move into your inheritance. If you do not leave the mountains, you will only hear of the prophecies but they won’t be a reality.  Read more

The Workings of Miracles Posted

cog.jpgMiracles are things that happen only by supernatural power. As a Christian, you can work in miracles. Miracles are needed to meet your needs and attract people to the miraculous power working in your life. Read more

Our Journey To Dominion Posted

cog.jpgDeuteronomy 1: 1-8. Our journey from seeing the kingdom (becoming a Christian) to entering the kingdom (understanding your inheritance) and then having dominion (manifesting your inheritance) can be likened to the Israelites’ journey from Goshen to Canaan Read more

The Power of Expectation Posted

cog.jpgExpecting from God is part of the believer’s journey. Here are a few tips to ensure that your expectations are not cut short. Read more