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The Friend called Yesterday Posted

cog.jpgGod wants us to remember our positive yesterday. What God did for you yesterday can build trust in God for today. Read more

Power Must Change Hands Posted

cog.jpgThe purpose of you being empowered by the Holy Ghost is for you to be a witness in what you are going through whilst God is changing the situation. Read more

The Progression of Manifestation Posted

cog.jpgThe Kingdom of God operates in a process. Between you receiving a promise and walking in the reality of the promise, you undergo stages. Read more

The Place God Blesses Posted

cog.jpgHow truly wonderful and delightful to see brothers & sisters living together in sweet unity! There the Lord commands the blessing, life forevermore. Read more

The Grinch who Stole Christmas Posted

cog.jpgCelebrate where you are and what you have (seed) because it will appreciate into a mighty harvest with time. Read more