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Identity & Destiny Posted

cog.jpgLife is a journey back to destiny. God only allows us to experience what He has already prepared for us. Our essence in life is tied to our understanding of the image of God and absolute dependence on Him. Read more


cog.jpgSeek to make an impact in life, don’t be casual as you journey through life. Be intentional in expressing love and compassion to others. Read more

The Power of your Confession Posted

cog.jpgThe gospel will only be as powerful in your life as it is spoken out of your mouth. For God’s word to produce in your life depends on your declaration to yourself. Every promise of God does not expire, it is programmed to come to pass. Read more

We are more than Conquerors Posted

cog.jpgLife is a battle. You either win or lose. The good news is as a Christian you don’t need to fight to win. You have already won. You need to fight to ensure your victory is evident. To lose means to refuse the gift of victory from Jesus. Read more

The Essence of my Faith Posted

cog.jpgHave you ever stopped to consider why you are still serving God? Although many things may have driven you to become a Christian, what is keeping you in Christ? Is it because of what you expect from God or is it because you desire a relationship with God? Read more