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Praising Your Way Into Settlement Posted

cog.jpgGod does not visit and leave you empty handed. He visited Abraham and left him with Isaac. God knows what your needs and struggles although Abraham served God, he still had a need; something he struggled with..... Read more

The Lion & our tribe of Judah Posted

cog.jpgJesus is the lion of Judah and He reigns in the lives of those who praise Him. Judah is our tribe so praise is not optional to a Christian. You are only effective as your praise....... Read more

Reclaiming Your Praise Posted

cog.jpgEvery Christian is born into battle. Your situation and how you view your life shows where you are in the battle field, whether at the battle front or celebrating victory. The Israelites were in the battlefront..... Read more

Time & Opportunities Posted

cog.jpgThe equal opportunity given to us by God does not always translate to equal outcomes experienced by us. Your place today and in the future depends on how well you use your sequential time on earth (chronos) and the moments in time when opportunities...... Read more

Favour Vs Fact Posted

cog.jpgPsalm 89:17 The horn is a symbol of strength, capacity and ability. Your ability to live an elevated, promoted and full life depends on God’s favour, not the facts of your life. Read more