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It is time to move forward Posted

cog.jpgIt is time to move forward Read more

Get into Position Posted

cog.jpg             Luke 19:1-10 There is always traffic in life; we constantly meet people daily. Traffic of people, communication, tasks, work, commitments etc. We need to discern the traffic of our lives correctly. There is const…  Read more

cog.jpgTrue faith prioritises Gods word over everything else, including an audience with Him. God does nothing without His word. Read more

Cultivating Faith in the midst of a crisis Posted

cog.jpg               Luke 7:1-9 Jairus, the Centurion and the Woman with the issue of blood were in the midst of a crisis which led them to Christ. Crisis is common to all men. Rom 10:17 The Centurion heard about Jesus. You ca…  Read more

New Beginnings Posted

cog.jpgWhere is the root of your focus? Read more