A lesson in spiritual warfare








Exo 17:8-16

This scripture shows us an interface between the prophetic and intercession.

Prayer births what the prophetic has conceived. The prophetic brings about conception and intercession brings about birthing. The prophetic word announces to you that you have come into a season of manifestation. The prophetic speaks to you when you are asking God a question. The prophetic is not limited to a word of prophecy only, but more importantly the word of God. The prophetic word reflects the mind of God and His timeline.

The prophetic is the NOW word of God.

Matt 3:3-5 Herod could tell the timeline of the birth of the King of the Jews manifestation had come so he enquired to get the specific details.

Every birthing creates a disruption. When you are pregnant with destiny, things change around you, your appetite changes, your desires, and interest changes.

When you are going to birth something significant, the enemy is not at ease, he becomes unhappy and begins to plot. The plot is always to destroy the possibilities in your potential.

Acts 10:38, John 11:46-50

There is always contention at birthing – for the life of the mother and child. There is always contention for a new nation, at the beginning of every new move, ministry, business, family etc. The best time to attack anything new is at the point of birthing.

Isa 66:7-9; Rev 12:1-5; John 10:10

There are seasons when what you are praying for, you get it easily. The fact that it came easily does not mean that the warfare is over. The attack of the enemy can appear after the delivery. For example, the contention might not be about getting a job after education, but about staying and progressing in the job. The strategy of the enemy is that you would not gain traction i.e. constant contention.

Exo 17 is the story of a new nation. In Exo 12, the nation of Israel had just come out of captivity in one night.

Exo 12:33-35

When there is a continuous sit of lockdown it is God’s strategy for you to prepare adequately because once the doors are finally open, you may never get the opportunity to prepare as things would move very fast.

The spirit of Amalek is a demonic strategy of the devil to attack when you are weary and tired. Amalek speaks of valley dwellers. Amalek attacks when you are weary, sick, down, and nearly out.

Never let your disappointment linger because the shark always attacks that which is already bleeding. The devil does not fight fair, bur very dirty. As a child of God, you must realise that the joy of the Lord is your strength. Self-pity is not a fruit of the spirit!

The Israelites were attached to the place of Rephidim. Rephidim speaks of the place of rest, restoration, refreshing, etc.

Acts 28:1-6

Sticks represent the word to ignite and cause your prayer to be rekindled. The snake came to attack Paul and the people accused him falsely. Paul shook up the snake into the fire, the purpose of the attack coming to you in the season of warfare. Keep praying, there is nothing wrong with you, it is a sign that your prayer has become a threat to the enemy so he would do anything possible to stop you from prayer. Paul shook up the snake into the fire, meaning he continued praying.

Acts 28:6

The opinions of men would not change until you go through a crisis and come out unharmed.

Exo 17 --- 4 Characters in this scripture

Exo 17:9 Moses is the prophet who knows the mind of God. There is a part of you that knows God’s will concerning that situation in your life. This is the prophetic part.

Joshua speaks of the part of you that must engage with the issue. This is the delivery part. God’s will is established outside a vacuum. Joshua’s place of engagement is on the ground.

Ezra 6:14

Moses engages on the top of the mountain and holds a rod which signifies the prophetic word. Moses part is the prophetic and you engage with a word i.e. the prophetic word backing you up. Success is not tied to effort but to the prophetic. It is the word of God that guarantees your prosperity.

Aaron is with Moses supporting the hand of Moses. Aaron signifies the priesthood. The priesthood is your place of prayer, worship (Priests perform sacrifices, etc).

Hur stands for Judah which speaks of Kingship and dominion. Judah also speaks of wisdom beyond worship.

Exo 17:12

Moses’ hand got tired, your worship, giving keeps you going. They put a stone under Moses’ hand to support him. Jesus is the stone, our rock, and pillar.

God brings contention into our life to introduce His prophetic nature. You contend with the prophetic word as Moses holding the word, your worship, extracting wisdom from the word of God, in your giving, your praise, and your absolute dependence on Jesus, the rock.

Engage, pray!

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