Advancing into Fullness








Luke 4:1, 14; Acts 10:38

Fullness can be in 3-dimensions: Faith, Power and Spirit.

To be full of faith simply means to believe God absolutely with no room for doubt. E.g. One can be full of faith in God concerning finances, family, ministry, career, children, etc.

To be full of the spirit: The Bible says do not be full of wine wherein it is excess, however be full of the Holy Spirit. Wine influences so much so that it can lead you into action. The person who is full of the spirit of God is totally influenced by the spirit of God. Jesus was full of the spirit and was led.

To be full of power: To work in power means to make progress in the midst of opposition. You cannot generate power, you can only be entrusted with power. You cannot be full of power without the knowledge of its purpose. Power is not given, it is entrusted to a person.

Our spiritual journey is that we should advance in faith, to be coming full of the spirit and then being entrusted with power. This is a constant cycle of progression in the Kingdom.

You cannot be full of faith until you have first received and planted the seed of faith. To be full of faith means to believe God absolutely without room for doubt. To receive the seed of faith (living faith) is to believe God in spite of the doubt.

Luke 17:6 Mustard seed of faith needs to be planted before it can produce the harvest. Mustard seed signifies living faith. The life of a seed will not express itself until it has been planted in the ground. Living faith planted in your heart begins to be cultivated. The key to seed growing is that you pay attention to faith rather than doubt.

Rom 4:20-21 Pay attention to the promise of faith (the word of God) rather than your circumstance. It is what you pay attention to that will amplify and that is what will grow.

Your faith is not weak because you encounter opposition. You must continuously master and exercise your faith. You progress from the seed of faith (living faith) to being full of faith.

John 1:29-33

Anything God is not prompting you to do, please do not do it. Whatever is not done in faith / inspired by God is sin before God. Always ask yourself, why do I do what I do (motive)?

John 1:33 There are things God will only give to you because you align under men. If you despise men, you would never fulfill destiny. You must be full of faith where God has placed you even if it feels uncomfortable! Stay there and serve! You are not in a trap, you are in a process.

To be full of the spirit is to be completely influenced by the Spirit of God and the spirit led Jesus to the wilderness to be tempted. The temptation is to test and validate the fullness. Jesus was tempted by the devil through His flesh.

When you are tempted by your flesh and you respond by your spirit, this is the true test of the fullness of your faith. In such a process, thank God you are going through a testing. Until God knows that He can completely influence you, He will not entrust you with power.

The purpose of the blessing / empowerment is that you are blessed to be a blessing. For every blessing God will give you, has a kingdom agenda. Hannah keyed into God because she knew what she wanted; she wanted a son and God needed a Prophet.

God wants you to be full of faith because we have received the seed of faith. Pay attention to the living faith and not doubt. Then you would advance to being full of the spirit and being led by the spirit and then walk in power.

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