Birthing the will of God through Prayer








Luke 22:40-46

Vs 44 Jesus, being in agony prayed more earnestly. Agony is meant to facilitate a push in prayer.

Vs 45 The disciples slept in the midst of their sorrow.

There is a difference between the plan of God for the ages and the will of God per time.

Gen 8:22 The plan of God for the ages will always come to past e.g. seed/time/harvest likewise spring/summer/autumn/winter. You do not need to pray for the seasons to come because it is the plan of God for the ages and it will surely come to past. Another plan of God for the ages is that Jesus is returning and He will reign on earth and His government will be established from Jerusalem, whether you believe it or not.

However, the will of God must be birth in prayer at the set time. It is the will of God that ensures that you enter into your harvest. The plan of God is subjective for all men, but the will of God is objective and it is up to you to birth His will in your life else you risk the chance of not entering into the fullness of manifestation.

For the will of God to be established, your flesh must be subdued in prayer. Your flesh is your biggest enemy in life. The enemy, the devil will only use what you allow.

James 1:12-16; Rev 5:10

Your making to a person that can reign in life is when you endure temptation and then receive the crown of life. Your enemy to your crown of life is your flesh. You are only tempted by what you desire. The enemy will test you with what will tempt you. The devil will test you with where you can be potentially tempted.

Luke 22:41-42

For the will of God to be established, the flesh must be subdued in prayer. The first stage of prayer when your flesh becomes the enemy of God’s will for your life is that you will be tempted to accept your fleshly desires as God’s will. Prayer is allowing God to do His will in your life in spite of your vulnerabilities.

Mark 14:21

Praying for God’s will empowers you to do HIS will when your flesh is weak. There is nothing wrong with you being tempted but the issue is your response. Jesus responded by prayer.

The will of God is your path to fulfilment and rest. Your path to fulfilment and rest is not what looks good on your neighbour or what you think is good for you. God’s will is perfect for you. When we (man) choose we choose for now but God chooses with the future in mind.

Rest is doing what God has finished because He has supplied everything you need to complete it. You ask God for whatever He has blessed so you can enter into fulfilment.

The flesh is your weak link, prayer reveals what you need to work on. Prayer reveals to you what is bad about yourself so that you can master it. God wants you to address it in prayer rather than deny it. When God reveals your flesh to you, it should never be a thing of shame but receive it and address it.

The power of prayer – Jesus went to pray away the cross but He ended up praying away His flesh. The importance of prayer is that you appear before Him. God is able to address the issues in your life that He knows is His priority and benefit for you.

Heb 4:12-13

Every time you come into prayer, you are giving account. When you come into His presence, He begins to address your life and heart.

Luke 22:43-44

The fact that you are touched by God does not mean that you will not still carry your cross. Despite the angel appearing to strengthen Him didn’t mean that He still experienced agony; the angel came to strengthen Him for the grace ahead.

To pray in agony means to pray in internal pain, vulnerabilities, weakness etc. God introduces pain in our life because He wants to engineer a prayer effort in us. A negative feeling is a push to pray. God wants you to pray so you can birth your future beyond your immediate issues. Jesus being in agony prayed more earnestly; keep pushing in prayer. Connect in every season of response. Take advantage of the window of opportunity to pray.

Luke 22:43

Angels are midwives of destiny, they come into your life to assist you to birth God’s will for that season.

Prayer is never a wrong response however, it might not be the only response. Prayer activates and correctly arranges the right response. Prayer orders your step to act at the appropriate time and season.

Neh 1:1,4; 2:1

Between the month of Chislev and Nisan were 150 days; Nehemiah fasted and prayed for many days. When you fast and pray, those who should recognise you will see you and administer the solution you desire. Nehemiah found favour and audience before the King.

Prayer gives you clarity and lays a foundation for everything that you desire.

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