Cultivating Faith in the midst of a crisis









Luke 7:1-9

Jairus, the Centurion and the Woman with the issue of blood were in the midst of a crisis which led them to Christ. Crisis is common to all men.

Rom 10:17

The Centurion heard about Jesus. You cannot speak faith if you have not heard the word of God. Faith comes by hearing the word of God. You do not generate faith, it comes to you as a seed and then you cultivate it. Faith comes to you, so you can put it to work! You receive seed to plant! Faith is activated through action, it is not to be dormant.

You good works will not give you an audience before God, rather it is through the finished works of Christ Jesus. The good things start to count when you have received audience.

Heb 4:16

Our boldness is not in our acts of service or goodness but in what Christ has done. Your good works will raise for you intercessors before God. The centurion received access to Jesus through the elders (i.e. his intercessors) who presented his matter to Jesus. Likewise the paralytic man, his friends who carried him through the roof of the house to meet with Jesus.

Acts 9:36-43

Your good works will raise intercessors / advocates for you in places where your voice is unheard. Generosity and hospitality will raise intercessors for you where you lack access.

Luk 7:6-7

Your revelation of Christ must grow.

When the centurion heard about Christ, he sent for Christ. When Jesus was on His way, the centurion kept learning about Christ. The more he heard about Christ, the more his faith grew and the more the state of his servant grew worse. The focus of his hearing was on Christ coming. Have faith in God! The object of your faith should be anchored solely on Jesus. His understanding and revelation of Christ grew so much that he believed that Jesus’s word is enough.

Your revelation of Christ must grow more. Revelation is the spiritual dimension of innovation in the natural. Revelation is progressive, God is always willing to do more. Until your revelation is upgraded, you cannot do greater works. The centurion kept hearing, he did not settle, he requested for Christ to send his word. Jesus marvelled at the faith of the centurion. Great faith is a product of clear understanding, not the size of the faith but clarity.

Great faith prioritises the word over a person. The person of Christ was coming to the centurion but he prioritise the word of God. Put a premium on the word of God! Desire the word, the word is activated and the miraculous is born.

Mark 5:21-43

The woman with the issue of blood had a loss of blood for 12 years. Life is in the blood, there was a loss of life, health, livelihood constantly. 12 speaks of governmental foundation in the scriptures (12 sons of Jacob, 12 tribes of Israel, 12 disciples etc). This means that the foundation of this woman was greatly threatened and impacted. 12 is also the number of power and authority. Jesus began to understand his identity at the age of 12.

Luke 8:42

Jairus’ daughter who was dying was also 12 years.

Mark 5:25-28

The woman with the issue of blood for 12 years, she also suffered many things from many physicians. However when she heard about Jesus she came to Him. When she stopped running to and fro and heard about Jesus, she received focus and direction. From what she heard about Christ, she developed a confession about Christ. Confession will always hear instruction. If the word is not in your mouth first, you would not receive instruction / direction. The woman understood that she did not need Jesus’ attention to access healing. All she needs is a connection with Christ in His word, not with any man!

When you hear the word of God, you must receive a revelation about the ability of God that He can do ALL things AND the nature of God – knowing that Christ is not LAW! She came and she touched his garment. Faith lays a demand without seeking attention. Unlike Naaman who sought the attention of the prophet, the woman with the issue of blood laid a demand on Jesus concerning her situation saying, “if I may just touch the helm of His garment”. She fastened her future on Jesus, He was her only option.

What have you fastened your hope to?

Mark 5:31-32

Jesus perceived power had gone out of Him. The woman also had perceived that there is power in Jesus Christ, she was aware of the power of Jesus. When she came and presented herself to him, kneeling before Him, Jesus said to her, be of good cheer. The nature of Christ is love (not intrusive), come boldly and with understanding that He is delighted in your coming to Him. Enter His gates with thanksgiving, come into His courts with praise. Never make a man of God’s attitude make you feel that it is the same attitude of our Saviour, Jesus. Jesus is full of love and compassion.

Mark 5:35-43

The man Jairus was a Teacher, ruler of the Synagogue. Jairus means revelatory, enlightener. Despite this, Jairus needed attention and assurance. Faith is a leveller, it respects your understanding of God not your status. Status can be a prison, people are sometimes not humble enough to learn, not open to say, I do not know! And so, they remain stagnant. If you are not learning, you are dying.

Do not underestimate your faith because of the status of any man. Have faith in God, do not look at men in accessing faith.

Mark 5:35, 38

If you are going to cultivate faith, don’t listen to too many voices. Noise is not conducive for faith. You will not hear faith when you are hearing too many voices.

Mark 5:36, 37, 40-43

Only one voice is necessary, believe in God! Listen to the voice that activates your faith. Jesus shut down the noise around you.

Isa 30:15

You will not access strength in a noisy environment. You cannot operate faith in a noisy environment. You can only receive direction and instruction in a quiet and calm environment.

Mark 5:39-43; Job 22:29; Prov 18:21

Jesus maintained His confession saying..…the child is not dead but asleep!

Your words seal or reverse your possibility. Put the words of Christ in your mouth, confess and speak it; it would infuse life into your situation.

Jesus created the right environment for faith to produce the miraculous.

Mark 11:22 Have faith in God!

The centurion, woman with the issue of blood and Jairus all received the manifestation of their faith in God. Appreciate your faith, it will grow. Godliness with contentment is great gain, including your faith. Do not despise your faith, you cannot borrow another person’s faith.

Plant your faith, it will appreciate. The baseline is FAITH.

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