Establishing yourself as a praise to the Nations








Ex 15:1-7; 11

You are somebody going somewhere to happen, such wonders that eyes have not seen. God is set to do wondrous things in your life in this decade and the years that will follow.

How shall this happen?

As Moses was tending his Father’s flock he saw a burning bush which was not consumed. Moses decided to turn aside to look. This year you need to turn aside in prayer, praise and evangelism.

The first instruction Moses received was to remove his shoe to stand on the Holy ground. This year, you must stand on the word of God.

Heb 12:22

Psa 125: 1

1 Pet 5:10 It is time to stand out and stay on the Lord’s side.

The 3 Hebrew children put their trust in God and were thrown into the fire, however the Consuming fire Himself responded to the praise of His name. This is a wonder of God. This year, stand firm (unshakable) in praise of His name.

John 11:43-44 Lazarus was rescued from the grave. God resurrected and restored Lazarus from the grave. The right hand of God performed wonders.

Jer 10:11 Our God is mighty, all power belongs to Him. Trust in Him alone.

Song: Exo 15:11 (Who is like unto thee O Lord!)

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