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Luke 19:1-10

There is always traffic in life; we constantly meet people daily. Traffic of people, communication, tasks, work, commitments etc. We need to discern the traffic of our lives correctly. There is constantly a passing through in our lives.

Luke 19:1

Jesus passed through Jericho. Kairos moments are when Christ Jesus is passing through. Christ is resident in your life as per character formation. When it comes to opportunities and breakthroughs in Kairos moments, it is a passing through. What helps us to recognise his passage, his spirit resident in your life will help you recognise his passing. You are able to interpret correctly and cease these opportunities will unlock breakthroughs in your life. These opportunities are windows in the realm of the spirit; He is passing through so that He can bring blessings to you. He is resident in you to bring transformation.

There are opportunities that you would cease in certain seasons that perfect peace in your life and generation. You must see correctly to cease accurately. When you cease opportunities, you leverage on them and they propel you to a new dimension.

You cease opportunities by being a value centred person.

You would cease your opportunity in life if you are a value person, giving person. Opportunities present themselves for people who are givers and people who acknowledge that they have something of value to impact on others.

Gen 18:1-15 Abraham was value centred, he hosted the Lord unknown to him.

Opportunity will always be received and maximised by people who acknowledge that they have something good to offer (time, money, wisdom, smile, counsel, encouragement etc). Favour follows value not prayer, fasting. Prayer and fasting help you to see the value in you, even if it is a little seed.

Gen 39:1-4

When you pray God opens your eyes to the value within, He opens your eyes to see the value you have despised within. Your value could be your character, attitude, relationships, intelligence, etc.

BE value centred; everyone has something to give. You have opportunity around you to GIVE.

Luke 19:2

Zacchaeus was accomplished.

2 things accomplishment can do for you. It can either build bridges or erect walls.

When you use your accomplishment to serve others by being a value centred person, you have built a bridge. However when you use it to mask your insecurity, then you have set up a wall. Do not allow your accomplishment to place you in a prison-state. When accomplishment becomes walls, they hinder possibilities.

When an accomplishment becomes a bridge it enables liberty of expression; you can serve with your relationships, health, influence, wealth, ideas etc.

Luke 19:3

Zacchaeus sought to see Jesus but he could not because of his short stature. Every area of need in your life is a situation/opportunity for you to see Jesus. Your area of need is not your disadvantage but your advantage to seek! There is more in seeking God than being self-sufficient.

Rev 1:1,10

There is a posture that you must be in for you to see Christ. You can only see Christ in the spirit. This is an intentional desire to seek Him. The Lord allows the disadvantage in your flesh so that you can switch in your spirit to seek Christ. Your disadvantage is placing you in the best advantage for you to seek God; this is what will position you to see!

Jer 1:11-12; Hab 2:1

Solution and instruction are in the right place of sight. When you see correctly, you would hear correctly and see the right things.

The key to progression out of an area of need is interdependent on the body of Christ. We are the body of Christ, the body is interdependent of one another. Regardless of how accomplished you are, God has placed the solitary in families; we all need each other as a collective part of the body of Christ. There is always an area of need within you that another will fill. The posture to adopt in order to continue to make progress is humility.

1 Peter 5:5-6

God resists the proud by reinforcing pride to the point that it becomes ridiculous such that it causes self-destruction.

Exo 7:13-14,22; 8:32; 9:7,12

God gives grace to the humble. Grace enables life to be in full bloom.

Zacchaeus acknowledged his limitation by taking a position of humility…Zacchaeus ran to climb a tree in order to see Jesus. Your positioning yourself starts by admitting your limitation. If you do not admit your limitation, you would live a lie, an illusion. You might need to re-learn, allow yourself to be mentored.

Jer 18:3-6

Every form of transformation is preceded by submission. Submit to the process. Your position of humility might require you to drop a title, rank, status, entitlement, age, culture etc.

Phil 3:12

Education is exposure to learning, to incite, to becoming. Your degree is part of it, not the totality! There is still more to learn. Zacchaeus admitted he was short. Admit your shortcomings and embrace learning.

Luke 19:4

How do we position ourselves for the way Jesus would pass? By spiritual posture and pragmatic posture.

The posture of humility is the pragmatic posture, this is the natural posture. Humility must be adopted because God walks through men; men are fallible and make mistakes but God still walks through men.

Matt 25:34-40

The spiritual posture; every time you give, serve, visit, bless for the benefit of another; you have position yourself in the pathway that Christ would pass. There has to be something that separates you from everyone else.

Prayer helps you to hear and see opportunity to position you on the way so that Christ can be a blessing to you.

Luke 19:5

Christ acknowledges your position of humility, service etc. This separates you from every other person and it allows you to access Him. You cannot host Christ and not see beyond natural eyes. His humility enabled him to access Christ. Christ resides in men. Humility helps you acknowledge that what you lack is in another man; it is not envy or jealousy.

Whilst you are being critical about others, there is more within yourself to be critical about.

Pride protects your image but you remain as you are; humility makes you vulnerable but you would transform into who Christ has made you to be (whom you desire to become).

Luke 19:9

Jesus said unto him, this day is salvation come to this house, for so much as he also is a son of Abraham. By taking those actions, Zacchaeus activated the Abrahamic blessings that was always available to Him by covenant. Salvation became apparent through this experience.

Position yourself through giving, service and humility.

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