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The mantle is what gives your ministry weight and influence. The anointing makes you effective. A mantle is an election from God, it is something that you inherit. When you receive a mantle, it gives everything you do weight and influence.

2 Kings 2:1-12

The mantle comes on you by you putting on Christ. This means by you putting on Christ and He expressing Himself through the anointing (enablement, skillset within).

Phil 2:5-7

How do you put on Christ? Through an attitude of submission meaning wherever God put you, you submit to God in service. Meaning regardless of where you find yourself, you serve with your anointing. The mantle does not come by you chasing it or choosing whom to serve. God chooses how you serve and who you serve for the mantle. Where you are, you are planted by Christ and it is Christ that determines how and when the mantle is released to you.

Eph 6:5-7

You do not look to the stature of men to serve, rather you look to Christ and serve faithfully, not as a man pleaser. Whatever your hands find to do, do it with all of your might. Let man not be the object of your affection but Christ. IT is not about the man you serve but Christ that dwells in men. The mantle is about God’s plan, purpose and agenda for your generation.

2 Kings 2:2

The mantle is given for amplification of assignment (weight and influence). The mantle scales up your voice (the anointing). The mantle moves to another when an assignment is complete or when the vessel is no longer fit for the assignment.

God was going to take Elijah by a whirlwind meaning a storm or tempest. When you have storms, more often than not, people lose focus of the assignment God has called them to because they are distracted by their immediate environment. Elijah was a man of the elements (rain, fire, whirlwind). There was something about the element that signified what Elijah was about. Elisha knew that his master was about to leave him. There are times in our lives when the Holy Spirit prompts us, this may manifest in the form of anxiety and burdens. Anxiety and burden in the realm of the spirit is similar to contractions of a woman about to deliver a child. Without the anxiety, you may not be able to push through in the place of prayer. The anxiety is a trigger for you to press in prayer. Similarly, in Acts 1:8 before the move of the Holy Spirit, the disciples moved into the upper room and gathered for several days in prayer.

How to navigate the burdens and anxiety is by positioning in the place of prayer.

Phil 4:6 Prayer positions you for what is coming your way.

Gilgal signifies the place of salvation, it marks the beginning of our journey, the reproach of the past no longer applies to you. Gilgal is supposed to be a beginning, but too many people settle in Gilgal, they do not move forward with God. The most important thing for a believer is not just salvation (Gilgal), you must move forward to mind renewal (Bethel).

Rom 12:2; Psa 1:2-3

Without the word of God renewing your minds, you will never see your assignment and prosperity correctly. If you are not seeing what God is showing you correctly, God will not hasten the manifestation. Without the word of God that brings transformation, you cannot see correctly. Do not despise the opportunities that God brings your way.

Every assignment must be seen correctly through mind renewal in the word of God. When your mind is renewed because you are planted in Bethel, you would see correctly and interpret accurately.

Sons of the prophet do not prioritise service, rather they prioritise experience and length of engagement (a sense of entitlement). A lot of people are in church for the wrong motives.

Jericho is that break that you need that will take you to the place of influence. The more renewed your mind becomes, the more aware you become of your issues. Issues are to be addressed, God reveals these to us so that we can deal with them.

Jer 1:9

How do you deal with the issues or walls of Jericho in your life; by speaking the word of God over that situation. It is not about how you feel but about speaking correctly, as you speak rightly, you begin to act correctly.

The Jordan is the place of no return, the place where you die to the mundane. Elisha after he came to the Jordan, had become transformed. Jordan is the place where you make a decision to stay with God. At the Jordan, God sifts the goats from the sheep. The mantle is for a person who is committed, a true disciple.

Elisha requested the double portion, meaning he wanted to inherit the first born anointing. Elijah’s response to Elijah was if you see me when I am taken, you would have it. This means you remain focused on the assignment and service. Also, you must celebrate the promotion of the one ahead of you, jealousy and envy will rub you of the mantle. When people are promoted, it is your own opportunity because you can prosper in their advancement. Develop the right attitude.

2 Kings 2:10-12

The whirlwind and the chariots of fire defines the mantle of Elijah (elements) and Elisha (fire). Elisha saw the revelation of his mantle by focusing on Elijah. You catch your defining revelation by looking onto Jesus. As you focus on Christ in the man, you would catch the revelation that would define your ministry.

2 Kings 6:17; 7:6; 13:14

As Elisha focused on Elijah, followed his master diligently, he caught a revelation in the same place where the whirlwind was carrying his master. He saw the chariots of fire and horses, this defined his ministry.


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