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Eze 37:1-10

It was the Lord that took Ezekiel to the valley. So it is not every circumstance in your life that is orchestrated by the enemy/Devil. God took Ezekiel to the valley of dry bones to school him.

Gen 1:26 (MSG)

Reason for the valley of the dry bone experience:

  • God made us in His image and we are to reflect His image. God wanted Ezekiel to learn and reflect the creative nature of the Godhead.
  • God wanted Ezekiel to take charge of the situation; likewise, you to take charge of the situation, take positive creative action.

Eze 37:2-4

God asked Ezekiel, can these bones live? God wants us to have confidence in Him. Do you know and believe in the power of God to effect change, but He needs your unwavering faith. God wants you to be involved in the process of creating the change that you want to experience.  

Eze 37:4-6

God wants us to be an active participant in the process of change, not just an observer.

Eze 37:7-8, 4

Ezekiel prophesied as he was commanded. God had spoken the end from the beginning as in verse 4 (breathe will enter into you and you would become a living being), however, you need to start, stay with the word and proceed consistently through the process. It is your responsibility to stay with the word and prophesy to the situation.

Eze 37:9-10

The word of God cannot return back to Him void, the word must accomplish the mind of God. Trust God, when He sends His word, deliverance/breakthrough is mandated to manifest.

Whether it looks like it or not, stand on the word and take charge, don’t give up on the word. Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord.

Stop giving up too soon.

God shows you the end from the beginning then He walks you through it because God is more interested in the process of transformation than the final result that we anticipate.

Every situation you are going through is waiting for you to do something. The situation is waiting on your order that is rooted in the word of God.

Luke 21:15; Rom 10:10

Open your mouth and speak the word (utterance). It is your responsibility to agree and declare the things God has said to you. Take charge and face what is facing you.

You would hear rattling noises, it may appear as it is not working, remain in full agreement, believe in your heart and act it out with your utterances and positive action.

The word of God is God’s power, this is all that you need.

Eze 37:3

What are you seeing? Are you seeing the very dry bones or the mighty army? Do you really trust God’s sovereign power?

You need to see correctly, from God’s perspective. Be determined to trust God.

Don’t see the deadness of the situation, see the army.

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