Joseph: The man of favour and value








Gen 39:1-6; Luke 2:52; Psa 102:13; Ecc 9:11

Ecc 9:11 The bible here talks about the dysfunction of life – things do not always work as we expect them to because we are under the sun. Everything under the sun has been subjected to sin and sin corrupts. Sin is similar to a virus to a computer, so long as there is a virus, the computer will not function to optimum capacity and speed. Life happens to all men; if things were to function as they were originally created for; the race will always go to the swift; the battle will always go to the strong; and bread ought to go to the wise; riches to men of understanding; favour to men of skill etc. Meaning a man can be the most skilful yet his life lacks the favour that he desires, this is the way life has become.

Ecc 9:1 The righteous and the wise and their works are in the hands of God. You can either put your efforts in the hands of life (meaning time and chance can influence it) or you place it in the hand of God. The hand of God is the only guarantee that your efforts will be rewarded. There is a factor that supersedes time and chance and this is called the grace and mercy of God.

There are 2 classes of people that put their efforts in the hands of God – the righteous and the wise.

The righteous are those who walk by faith because they believe what the word of God says concerning them.

There are 2 types of wisdom;

  • Godly wisdom means every action taken is because of the fear and reverence for God.
  • Technically sound wisdom – Exo 31:3 Wisdom comes from God. It is a capacity that comes from God that makes things easy for you.

Psa 37:5 To commit your way to the Lord means to commit your works to the hand of God. This means God will bring good result to past. Every time you recite the promise of God in your life, you are committing it to God’s hand. The hand of God is a safe place, a dependable place, a place where things do not depreciate.

2 Pet 1:4

Whatever is in the world is subject to corruption. However, that which is in the hand of the Lord doesn’t operate by the law of corruption/sin and death, it operates by the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus. The hand of God is an infusion of life. In the law of God, time is irrelevant.

1 Kings 8:15

When God speaks with His mouth, His hand goes to work. All God requires of you is an expectation; your faith and believe positions you to receive it.

Gen 21:1 God visited Sarah, He said and spoke.

Psa 44:3 The hand of God will only implement what the mouth of God has promised. What did God tell you?

Eph 6:5-8

Be obedient to your boss as unto the Lord and not unto men. When your service is as unto the Lord, you automatically commit your service to the hand of the Lord. God’s hand will not receive that which you do in eye service to man.

God’s reward extends beyond salary unto inheritance. For every payment/wage, you are rewarded on 2-levels.

  • Salary / Income
  • Inheritance

Joseph served as unto the Lord and he received an inheritance.

Luk 16:9-13

In your life’s work, all you are doing is to measure faithfulness.

You cannot serve God and mammon. Children of God should not serve mammon but rather use it / send it on errands.

What are the true riches?

Matt 25:21; Psa 2:8

Inheritance – Nations / Territory

You either serve for salary or territory.

Josh 1:2

Favour is measured by influence, not money and influence is in taking territory. 2 things are necessary to take territory:

Rev 5:10 ---- KING & PRIEST

Every child of God acts in both capacity as King and Priest.

Kings take territory through conquest and dominion. The 21st-century weapon for conquest and dominion is through the quality of work and technical wisdom (i.e. skill), relationships and decision making.

The priest engineers and atmosphere that is conducive for taking territory; through your worship, prayer life and giving (benevolence).

2 Territories to take:

John 3:16

The world is made of 2 entities; people and systems. When you take territory, you are either transforming a person or influencing a system. For instance, Joseph in prison took the territory of the butler and baker by serving them whilst in prison. In some instances, how you handle a territory is seen in how you relate and treat to people. Another is your technical competence.

Everything that God will do in your life will start as a seed. Seed can be the lowest position not just a size small. The harvest of a seed is a forest, likewise, the highest point of a slave is Kingship.

Maintain a good attitude in every state/circumstance you find yourself.

Isa 2:1-2; Gen 39:4

Favour is about influence; it should not be reduced to material acquisition like money, house, cars etc. Joseph, Daniel, Esther were influences behind the throne. Favour is for an assignment or a task, therefore pray for the opportunity to express your value and favour will follow.

Luke 2:52

Jesus increased in wisdom and stature (i.e. technical ability and value) and in favour with God and men. Everything Jesus did was unto the Lord and not according to wages.

When you serve as unto the Lord, you will appreciate with man and God.

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