Num 27:15-23

God is a God of mandate, missions, and God passes mantles to men.

In Gen 1:28 God gave man his first mandate. This is the dominion mandate; this is the primary mandate. A mandate is God's authorisation to man to carry out His agenda and His divine task on the earth.

In Gen 12:1-2 God gave Abraham a mandate to establish a people.

God gave Moses a mandate to deliver the Israelites out of slavery into a land flowing with milk and honey.

God gave David a mandate of a throne that will dwell forever, the church of Jesus was established through this lineage forever. A mandate of the lineage of Kings and Priests to reign on earth.


A mandate is not an individual agenda, but an eternal plan for which each individual must play their part in their time. Mandates outlive lives. God gave Abraham the mandate of birthing nations, Abraham birthed Isaac, the seed of the mandate; which outlived Abraham. Your mandate will outlive your life. If God tells you to start something, it will outlive you. Your mandate does not necessarily mean that it will carry the original name brand, it continues with the next generation. When God looks at a mandate, He sees it from an eternal perspective.

Jesus started a mandate called the church and He passed it on to the 12 disciples. The 12 disciples were the first pillars of the church which continues until today and beyond.


Your mission is the contribution that you make to the mandate. Every athlete’s mission in a relay race is to run his leg. Your course is your contribution to a mandate through; parenting, career, ministry, influence etc. Abraham’s mission in the mandate was that he would deliver the son of promise. Moses’ contribution was that he would deliver the Israelites from slavery through the wilderness through prophetic manifestations of signs and wonders. Joshua’s contribution was that he would lead the Israelites to the promise-land through warfare. Everyone’s contribution is unique to their skill set.

Matt 28:20 Our mandate is to disciple people for God’s Kingdom.

To baptise means to immerse in the ideology of the kingdom. How?

In the name of the Father – Teach people to acknowledge the source of every information, innovation, creativity, blessings comes from God and He is sovereign over the administration of ALL things.

In the name of the Son – The Son speaks of Christ’s posture and dependency on the Father. Meaning your responsibility is the Father’s responsibility; your source, your opinion is solely dependent on doing the will of the Father.

In the Holy Spirit - this means being led and inspired by the spirit of truth and not the personal opinions of men.

In God’s mandate; everyone has a part to play (your mission). Each person bringing their skillset to life.

Your mission is not in earning a salary / amassing wealth but rather in transformational works in the life of men for the Kingdom of God. This is the era where the contribution to the Kingdom of God is not solely from the pulpit but from the market place.

2 things are necessary for your mission

  • You need an anointing
  • You will run it with a mantle

An anointing is an enablement/gifting/capacity given to you by God.

The mantle is the authorisation to run in this race. It is not the ability to run; meaning that no matter how fast you are, until you are given the baton, you are not authorised to run. If you are not authorised to run, the race does not count. You are not relevant because you have the gift or ability but rather the mantle. It is the mantle that commands influence, not the anointing. There is a mantle that brings a person from the background that sets him in the forefront. The mantle is given by God. It is the Holy Spirit that distinguishes a man with the mantle.

The anointing empowers you to be a blessing but it is the mantle that draws men to you.

Luke 1:80; 3:1-3

Luke 2:40-52

Jesus became authorised at the river Jordan following baptism when the Holy Spirit descended on Him like a dove – this was a mantle, an announcement of Jesus to the whole earth.

John 3:22-26

The influence of Christ increased when the mantle was released unto Him.

The fact that a person is anointed does not mean they are authorised.

Num 27:12-23

Your anointing is for service but it is the mantle that authorises and activates your influence.

You grow and sharpen the anointing through consecration/fasting/prayer/spiritual discipline. The anointing is given however you grow it through your spiritual discipline.

You receive the mantle through your attitude. It does not come by prayer/fasting etc, it comes through your attitude. The mantle brings authorisation and influence. The mantle does not come by consecration to prayer/fasting but rather through your attitude of humility.

Matt 3:11-17

The fire purifies your behaviour, attitude. It is there to refine you. Your attitude towards refinement (process) determines how you receive the mantle. When the attitude is right the mantle will be released. Mantles are received because of attitude towards process.

Your attitude towards the person who holds the mantle before you. Everyone who received the mantle were people who had the right attitude towards their predecessors. Example: David, Elisha etc.

What is your attitude?

Are you so full of the anointing and also full of dishonour?

Your attitude towards the challenges in your life?

You need to understand that God is taking you through process.

God is calling us to a season of repairing our attitudes.

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