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1 Kings 3:16-28

God is going to be establishing His plans and purposes through us and there would be 2 x classes of people who will go a long way in playing a part in God’s agenda post COVID19.

The woman is a typology of the church / believer in regard to our posture to Christ; i.e. as every woman is to a man. The believer is the bride of Christ.

The church is where saints are nurtured, where people come to receive spiritual impartation, illumination, revelation, emotional stability (via mind renewal in the word of God), healing, counsel, financial help, etc. Every individual is a nurturer. Adam was instructed to tend and nurture the garden, this is a true nature of man as God created.

The king is a typology of Christ. When the women came to the King (Christ); He saw them as nurturers etc. These women came with their seed.

The bible says the women were harlots. A harlot in scripture were people who were wanting, seductress, people open to sexual immorality. The spirit of harlotry which is the spirit of independence and self-government outside the Lordship of Christ.

Isa 4:1

In the last days there would be a sect of believers who do not live in the nature of Christ but rather embrace self-doctrine, they are a backslidden believer. Their hearts are not committed towards God.

Life brings adversity and adversity conforms man into a nature that is alien to God. When life deals you challenges sometimes, people resort to other alternatives (idolatry, voodoo, etc) outside of God and compromise to all sorts of answers and this is the spirit of harlotry.

Jer 29:13

What are you looking up to post COVID19, is it one source – God or are you seeking several other sources. Seeking God with all of your heart is singular focus not self-effort. Your anchor, effort, desires, is all centred on God alone. You are either focused on God or self. In these times, idolatry / harlotry manifests as self.

Revelation comes by waiting on God, it takes a submitted soul and person to stay in a position to access God.

The natural operates with natural science, draws his tokens from the elements.

The canal man operates from the second heaven. This realm is where manipulation / power operates i.e. witchcraft / occultism.

The third heaven is where we draw revelation from. Who will ascend to the hill of God? It is he who is contrite, humble, patient, God focused alone.

In this season, you don’t want to be limited to science, fear and manipulation but rather the realm of revelation in God where lasting answers thrive.

Jer 23:21-22a

The wrath of man cannot deliver the righteousness of God. Feed on the presence of God, the word of God. Do not feed on the lies of the devil, conspiracy theories etc.

The King allowed the women to approach Him, He did not see them as harlots. In this season, do not be afraid to come before God’s presence, come boldly through the throne of grace. Come before the King with confidence in the blood of Jesus.

The women approached the king to seek judgement (counsel). The women were willing to forgo self-government to embrace the counsel of the King. Come before God for His guidance and counsel.

1 Kings 3:17

These women shared similar value systems, beliefs, and operated under the same spirit (harlotry / self-government / religion).

Judges 21:25

These women signify 2 categories of people in the church:

*The religious and the backslidden*

Similar to the story of the prodigal son – the elder brother (the religious) and the prodigal son (the backslidden).

The two women dwelt in the same house yet they were different. Sin is never comfortable with love but comfortable with another sin. It is love that judges sin not condemnation. Condemnation is the end of sin.

Dan 4:17-19

Righteousness works in an environment of love.

1 Kings 3:17-18

The woman was delivered of a child. A child signifies the opportunity of a new beginning, new life, new purpose, new legacy.

In three days, the mind-set of the woman was changing from the thinking of a harlot to that of a mother (new purpose).

Jer 17:9

Without the Lordship of Christ, we are all strangers. Whoever does not submit to the Lordship of Christ is a stranger. A stranger is a person who rejects your faith, values and belief system. A stranger is not a person you do not know, could be a member of your household.

Psa 69:8; 144:7-11; Prov 5:20; 11:15

Beware of strangers! It is dangerous to birth your dreams, desires, vision around a stranger, they will sabotage and kill your seed. Strangers are not midwives, rather than help you in birthing your vision, they will truncate and sabotage your dreams. The spirit of the stranger comes when the vision is an idea / seed form. Be wise!

Why did the stranger come after the child?

1 Kings 3:19

Because her own seed had died, so she wanted to kill another’s.

It takes sacrifice to nurture seed. The woman had not changed in mind-set, she was selfish, comfort over sacrifice.

You must embrace the mind-set of a nurturer. Respond with the spirit of a nurturer. The seed of this season will grow larger than your greatest harvest.

1 Kings 3:19-20; Matt 13:25

Midnight is where exchanges are made in the spirit. Your response must be swift – respond in prayer, the word and intercession. Do not lack discernment, be alert.

1 Kings 3:21

The woman woke up to nurture the baby and lo, it was dead. In this season, we have the resurrection and the life, JESUS. The life of God inside of us will bring dead projects / situations / businesses back to life. Nurture in prayer, the word, prophecy and it will thrive. It is not about what you steal but about who you are in God. Do not be afraid.

How did the King judge? He requested for a sword – the word of God (Heb 4:12)

To discern the heart of men this season, judge with the word of God. The response reveals the state of every heart.

The compassion of the woman showed not in what she could get but what she could give / contribute. This revealed the heart of a mother / nurturer. As a result she was entrusted with the child.

This is a new beginning for contributors / nurturers.

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