Our Meeting Times

Our Meeting Times

Join us at:- 210 Kennedy Street, Glasgow G4 0BQ United Kingdom.

We are located in the city center of Glasgow, and about 5mins away from Strathclyde University, Glasgow Caledonian University and also the Buchannan bus station

Sunday Service
09:30 am - Word and Development (Sunday School) -  Topical discussions on the word of God.

10:15 am- Celebration Service in church auditorium

Tuesday Bible Study (Digging Deep)
6:30 pm in church auditorium

Thursday Prayers (House of Prayer)
6:30 pm in church auditorium

Latest News

Cultivating Faith in the midst of a crisis (cont’d)

True faith prioritises Gods word over everything else, including an audience with Him. God does nothing without His word.

Cultivating Faith in the midst of a crisis

              Luke 7:1-9 Jairus, the Centurion and the Woman with the issue of blood were in the midst of a crisis which led them to Christ. Crisis is common to all men. Rom 10:17 The Centurion heard about Jesus. You ca...