The Glory of His Covering III








Matt 4:1-10

The Holy Spirit leads us into wilderness experiences in life in order for us to experience who (not what) we are made of. This experience is an orchestration for promotion. The enemy came in order to resist Jesus’ upward progression.

Fasting and prayer empowers us in temptation. Temptation comes so that you are positioned for progress. God empowers you for a season of consecration. Whilst in the wilderness, Jesus had been feeding on the word and so He was able to respond to the devil with the word despite His physical weakness (hunger). As children of God, we fight from the spirit not from our flesh. The key is feeding on the word of God.

The fulfilment of Christ never came from Him feeding His flesh (hunger) but rather feeding on the word.

John 4:38

The answer to hunger is fulfilment in the purpose God has called you to. Any hunger you feel in your heart is a sign of purpose unfulfilled. A house, car, job, relationships, holidays will never satisfy your hunger. Every time you fulfil purpose you become satisfied and fulfilled.

The peace of God quenches hunger. Never equate the blessing on your life based on the earthly possessions that you have experienced. The kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.

The proceeding word of God is an action word, doing word, the word of God that you are running with to bring you fulfilment.

Matt 4:5

Everyone desires to rise to the pinnacle of business, career, finances etc. Fulfilment is never found in the pinnacle, rather it is found when you operate on the ground.

Phil 2:5-8; Heb 11:24-27

If you choose to stay at the top, it is lonely there. If you make yourself relatable, you would never lack relationships. God has called us to service rather than a top-dog mentality. A true child of God does not esteem titles, this is a sign of maturity.

Where do you see Christ who is invisible?

Matt 25:35-46

When you begin to pick and choose how you serve/who you serve, then you are a pinnacle person, beware! When you give honour to a man because of his stature/position, you have missed the essence of true service. You should never dismiss people because you perceive that you are better, beware because this is not the end of their life, there’s more to come.

Honouring one person is no grounds to disrespect another, beware!

The pinnacle is a posture actually meant to mask insecurity. When you struggle to hold onto your reputation, it is a sign for masking insecurity.

Matt 4:6

Any action by anyone to prove themselves that was not divinely orchestrated by God, it is you “throwing yourself down”.

Psa 91:11

God did not call you to defend your accomplishments but rather to focus on your assignment, despite the attack from men. It is God’s place to defend us, He maintains our lot. Angels are assigned to protect you because of your assignment – every assignment operates with the word of God. Angels harken to God’s word that backs your assignment.

What is a stone?

1 Pet 2:5

Anytime you try to validate yourself/defend your accomplishments, you will invariably clash with people (stones). What you are trying to prevent you would eventually fall into it.

“To throw yourself” also means that your personal agenda is more important than God’s assignment.

The higher your rise, the more tempting it becomes to defend yourself. This is because you have more resources/capacity to defend yourself. It is never about you but the assignment God has called you into.

Matt 4:8

Fasting gives you clarity, you see beyond the mask into the insecurity of men in a deeper way. You begin to understand things differently. Every time people God to a mountain is to see God and not to see Kingdoms. You don’t go on a high mountain to fixate on your needs but to seek God’s face.

Anytime you are in a fast, what you see indicates who is the one talking to you – are you seeing self or God.

John 6:15

Jesus always went to the mountain top to seek clarity. And so when the Devil wanted to give Him the Kingdom from the mountain top, Jesus understood that the pattern of God for Him was a cross before a crown (i.e. Kingdoms). There is no inheritance/crown before the cross.

True inheritance comes after resurrection. Prayer established your cross (process). The sign of the Apostle is not in physical possession but in the ability to stay resilient to process.

Prayer empowers you to go through your cross, secures your inheritance when you are going through your cross and guards you when you have received the inheritance.

Prayer gives you the pattern so that you can run with your God-given assignment.

Matt 4:8-10

Satan’s short cut is never truly a short cut, if you take it you end in bondage.

There is nothing in this world that measures up to our inheritance in God.

May God purify our hearts, eyes and grant us the ability to see/discern correctly. We will never be people who would lose touch with reality.

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