The pain of pruning - a necessity for your fruitfulness








John 15:2-16; 21:15-17

Every act of pruning is geared to produce Christ in us. The best version of yourself will be in Christ. In Christ does not mean merely being born again, rather the consciousness that the life you are living is by the grace of the son of God that is expressing Himself through you.

Our position in Christ Jesus is not a virtue of your actions but as a result of what Christ has done. As believers, you are already in Christ but producing Christ is the key to victory. Every act of pruning is geared towards you producing Christ and only the fruit of Christ is acceptable to God. Your strength as a believer is your consciousness of who you are positioned with, Christ Jesus.

1 Cor 1:30; 10:12

God necessitates failure in the life of a believer because every act of failure is attached to your flesh so that you would come to a realisation that you have no ability of your own.

Peter in his mind thought he was good, but Jesus knew that the best of Peter was flesh. When you think you are standing, to God you are in danger of falling, and God understands that we need to bring this situation before Him so that He can help us deal with our inadequacies. We have no life outside of Christ.

Rom 12:1(MSG)

The best you do for God is that you embrace what He has done for you – He gave you Christ Jesus. God requires for us to receive the perfect substitute, the life of Christ. This means every time your life fails, you rejoice because you understand that you have Christ (embrace what God has done for you), because it is not of Him that willeth or runneth, but of God that shows mercy.

Through the blood of Jesus, He secured our redemption and forgiveness of ALL sin (past/present/future), His life has secured our victory. The primary issue God has with every man is not what he has done but the sinful nature of man.

The blood of Jesus applies to your history while the life of Christ applies to your destiny.

Phil 1:21

“To live is Christ” means everything about your life is Christ, your actions are motivated by Christ-nature.

John 15:2

Pruning is for the fruitful, not for the immature. A pruned tree is never a good-looking tree, it is stripped naked. When God begins to prune you, He strips you naked so that what you begin to see about yourself are your weaknesses/faults/imperfections. God prunes us to be fruitful not to look good. Christ is about being fruitful not about outward appearance. Similarly, the fig tree appeared fruitful from afar but actually lacked fruit. To bear more fruit, you must be pruned.

Every act of God has a singular focus, Christ being produced. Christ is the fruit of the pruned tree; Christ being produced in our lives, home, marriage, community, etc.

True unity evolves from expressing Christ.

Psa 133:1-3

The oil represents the Holy Spirit. True unity is where people have shared the same experience of the Spirit of God. The purpose of God’s pruning is so that we all can have the same/similar experience of His Holy Spirit, therein lies unity. Pruning ensures we experience the same Holy Spirit.  

Psa 34:18; Isa 57:15

You will find God with a person who has gone through pruning. If the spirit is not broken, there is nothing to revive. When a person is broken, revival and revelations flow easily. When you go through a trial, start thanking God because He is posturing you for fruitfulness.

Rom 2:4

The priority of God in the life of an unbeliever is repentance, in the life of a believer, His priority is pruning.

Luke 5:1-8

It is the goodness of God that leads one to repentance. Miracles, signs and wonders are not for the believer, they are for the unbeliever to draw them closer and lead them to repentance. These are acts of God. However believers are to work in the supernatural way of life in Christ Jesus.

Psa 100:4

Thanksgiving is attached to what God has done, praise is attached to who God is. Thanksgiving is how you enter, praise means you are progressing in your understanding of who God is to you. Every child of God is to progress from thanksgiving to praise. Praise looks into the future, it springs from the word.

Rom 6:5

You thank Christ for the cross and the blood and you praise Him for your resurrection.

Pruning means to be cleansed of corruption, projected thoughts, ungodly culture, and mindsets that don’t align with the word.

John 15:4-7

When the word of God is in you constantly, it will challenge (prune) every negativity within you.

Eph 5:18-19; Col 3:16

True victory is a product of continuous infilling (pruning). How you know that you are full of the spirit of God is that He gives you a song. Take in the word of God until you begin to sing.

Pruning creates a state that drives hunger and thirst for God. God prunes you to spark hunger and thirst within.

The evidence of being full is you begin to see differently and this influences your speech.

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