The pain of pruning - a necessity for your fruitfulness II








John 15:1-4

Pruning is intentional by God because pruning is a heart issue. The potency and capacity of your fruit (to endure and continually be a blessing) is the product of the purity of your heart.

Prov 4:23

The heart was built to house God and to birth the issues of life. The word issues means boundaries and the borders of the heart. The boundary of what you are producing is determined by the purity of your heart.

John 15:4

You will continue to bear fruit as you abide in God. As long as you abide in God, the fruit of your heart will be pure and the boundaries of that fruit will lack limitations. Boundaries here means the harvest of what is put in your heart. As long as your heart is right, you will continue to produce. The moment you stop abiding in God, the boundaries of that heart will become limited. You must always pay attention to what God is doing within you and not what is happening in the life of another.

John 15:2; 14:30

As important as bearing fruit is, pruning is also essential for the continuity of fruitfulness. At every stage of life, pruning is essential. The pruning of a single person is not the same as the pruning process in marriage. Pruning is progressive. Pruning is necessary because God will first deal with your heart before the devil (the accuser i.e. the ruler of this world) comes to search it.

1 Cor 4:3-5

Every man’s pruning is different. Don’t measure your pruning process with another. Everything we manifest is produced from the matrix of your flesh or the matrix of your spirit. Anything that is done outside of faith is sin and the wages of sin is death. Anything you do that is from the flesh, the fruit thereof is death and not life. The more fruitful you become, the more hidden chambers of our lives are open that God must occupy.

Fruitfulness is a blessing as well as a dangerous thing because it reveals the real person hidden within. As you become fruitful, God has to occupy the other pathways/channels of your heart.

Deut 7:22; Hosea 10:1-2

The purity of your hear is a product of the capacity and potency of your fruit. As you are being fruitful, you are possessing more of your inner heart. God challenges your heart because a little success gives you a delusion that you are more than you are. God desires of us a singleness of heart.

Jer 17:9-10

God looks at your heart to see if you can receive what He has for you. God’s priority is to prune your heart before He can release the blessing.

John 15:3-4

The more you feel you are ok, the more trouble you are in. When God is pruning you, you don’t feel you are ok because God is perfect. God’s word of cleansing ensures that purity of the heart is maintained. God always seeks a broken and contrite spirit. When God is pruning you, you don’t think highly of yourself; pruning always humbles you.

If you don’t allow God to prune you, self will prune you. Self is what satan influences.

Gen 3:1-9

The devil amplifies your area of need that you become ungrateful of the blessings of your current state. The more fruitful you are, the more attractive you are for the serpent (satan). Eden was a perfect garden and then the devil appeared on the scene. The devil will always bring a suggestion that minimises your current blessed state (your marriage/children/job/home/family etc). Any conversation that projects comparison to you is not God. Eve’s problem was the company of her conversation.

The centre of your attention must be Christ (the tree of life). The moment you become obsessed with what you desire that you lose sight of Christ and His goodness in your life, you have erected an idol.

The tree of knowledge of good and evil is a sense of self-judgment and measurement (comparison). The wrong conversation will always prioritise the wrong things at the expense of your position in Christ.

Gen 3:9

The moment you think that your acquisition of something will make you become like someone/something then you have lost your understanding of your true identity which is already in God. You will not become more of who you are by acquiring something else/more, you are already complete in Christ. This is the false doctrine that the serpent was selling to Eve. This is a sign of pruning, this is an opportunity for you to draw close to God to receive a deeper revelation and understanding of who you are in God. When you come into a season of pruning is to binge more in God’s word to draw strength from God’s presence. Every sign of inadequacy in your life is God calling you to return to His presence and the word rather than trigger death in your life similar to the outcome of Cain’s reaction to Abel. Every act of pruning is to re-direct you to God.

John 15:2-4

When you come to your state of pruning, abide in God. It is time to abide in God rather than complain.

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