The transformed mind for the abundant provision








Matt 16:5-10

God has blessed us with abundance and has placed us in a wealthy place but we need a transformed mind to be able to access it.

After salvation the greatest desire for you is to that your mind is renewed. The mind renewal of the new-testament believer can be compared to the journey of wilderness to the Israelites to purge them of the Egyptian mentality. Until Egypt was taken out of them, they would not be fit for the Promised Land, Canaan.

Rom 12:1-2

John 3:3-5

Except you are born of water and spirit you cannot enter the Kingdom of God meaning you need water to cleanse you from the impurity of your past and the spirit to give you vision and insight into the future God has ordained for you. So some people have not been able to access the future God has for them because their minds have not yet been renewed. The journey of renewal of mind is the journey from Adam to Christ i.e. the fallen nature to Christ. In everyone there is an Adam (the worst version of yourself) and Christ Jesus (the best version of yourself). As you travel through the transformational journey God entrusts His best to you.

Matt 6:33

Things are added as your mind is being renewed. God’s priority is to deal with the lust in every believer first before the “breakthrough” is entrusted. These are the workings of God in our life. The renewing of the mind stems from your heart (your person) not your head-knowledge.

Prov 23:7

The heart is the sit of your belief system. The word thinketh is from the root word (Hebrew) sha’ar means to split open / as he reasons / estimates in His heart. Your thinking is based on how you view yourself. The heart is from the Hebrew word nephesh meaning yourself / belief / appetite / capacity. The righteous is as bold as a lion means when a challenge comes your way, you don’t think fear but you see it as a gateway to elevation.

3 John 2

The word prosper from the greek root-word euodoo means help on the road / in reaching destination. The scripture says God wishes that we prosper i.e. help to always receive on the road to destiny. Secondly to be in health meaning to be free of contamination / corruption not only in your body but in your mind even as your soul prospers. The devil hinders your prosperity by contaminating your thinking. Your life will never go where your soul has not reached. The moment you stop your thoughts he has halted your journey. You cannot prosper beyond the state of your thinking.

How you prosper on the inside of you is by your willingness to believe God’s word and promises for you. To prosper means to receive help on the road of life to reach a destination.

What destination are you going to?

Your destination is not to reach the peak of your career / get married and have children / earn a living / buy a house, car etc. Your destination is either self or Christ. Who originates your life?

Heb 12:2

Who initiates your journey will determine where you are going. If you start in self you will never reach God’s destination for you. You must always probe yourself; why do I do what I do / what motivates me? The point of thinking is where you split open. You must think like Christ always not-self. If you are going to come to the fullness of what God says, you must start from a thinking that originates from Christ. This ensures that you arrive at God’s ordained destination.

Matt 16:5-8

Self is a counterfeit form of blessedness. In Hebrew calendar, 13 is the year when you come into the place of speaking for the Father / like the Father. In life, God is always teaching us a lesson through process / situation / circumstances.

Why do you reason among yourself because you have no bread meaning why does your reasoning always stem from your lack/inadequacy/short-coming. If you are thinking from Christ you don’t start from lack but from abundance. When you think from self you start with lack and you would end in lack i.e. you start from self and end in self, this is the Adamic nature of thinking. Jesus says you always have something i.e. abundance. When God sees your skill and energy, He sees abundance within you. Don’t reason from lack. David’s father did not believe in him but David had an understanding of himself that stem from Christ.

What you have is the seed of what you want. The moment you have a seed, God sees abundance. This abundance is not limited to money but so much more as in substance/potential.

2 Cor 9:10

The word supply/ministry means a “full supply”. When God gives you seed means God has given you His best. Similarly sometimes babies may be overlooked but it does not negate the potency of their great destiny. If you cannot see the potency of your seed, you do not deserve it. Every blessing comes in seed form but your mind has to be renewed to access it.

How does God increase your seed and turn it to abundance?

You take your eyes off self, place your eyes on God and people. You place your eyes on God to do His will and on people because people are who He will send you to.

Prayer –The misconception of prayer amongst believers in the church is that we see prayer as an independent activity, we don’t see prayer as a consorted effort being conducted to fulfill the will of God. The bible makes us understand that Jesus was heard because He feared God.

Heb 5:7

Jesus was heard because He feared God. To fear God means to prioritise God. It means that even when you pray, God’s desire becomes your priority. This is important that when you prioritise God, your answer is in God’s agenda.

Matt 16:18

The gate of hell is where we attack and plunder; when you go into the territory of the enemy, God will give you victory and you will plunder and take back that which is yours and the enemy will not prevail against you. God sees the bigger picture and He is able to communicate the right action within you and direct your prayer effort to that which is needful for your victory within His agenda / will.

God’s agenda has to do with HIM and people. When God answers you from Heaven He will send you to men and you will receive the breakthrough in the form of favour. For example Joseph and Pharaoh and Eygpt.

Gal 2:20

Do not think from self but think as Christ’s and Christ is God. God is constantly perfecting us.

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