What you have is more valuable than what you think








Exo 16:2-5, 14-32

John 6:9-14

The house of Israel called it manna, God called it bread.

If you think less of what you have, you undervalue it.

Seasons of transition can be painful because it feels like God takes you down before He elevates you, don’t misinterpret the process/season because it is a transition, not a downgrade.

Exo 16:4

Every time you have a prophetic word, you hold a picture of what you think God is saying in your mind; for the children of Israel, when God said He was going to rain down bread, they thought it was the bread of Egypt but God meant the bread of Heaven. And so when the “bread” rained down, their response was WHAT – MANNA!

Exo 16:14

When God begins to answer our prayer, sometimes our response is like what is this the bread!! Manna was not the name God gave it, it was an expression of dissatisfaction of the “bread” God sent to them.  When you call what God gives you manna rather than the bread of heaven, it will never appreciate as God intends. Beware, anything you call manna will remain manna, it will not appreciate. This is an attitude thing. Anything God gives you, you must never undermine it.

God calls it bread, what are you calling it?

John 6:9-11

What the disciples despised as inadequate, Jesus saw it as a solution. It is about how you read where you are. Your mind-set/thinking pattern is what hinders you not your circumstances. What the disciples despised as inadequate is what Jesus received, was thankful for and it became valuable. If you call it manna it will never benefit you.

James 1:17

Every gift God gives us is complete, may not be fully developed yet full of potential. Jesus came as a baby born in a manger yet his destiny was royalty and dominion. Whatever God gives us always comes as a seed form not a finished/developed form. You cannot despise your seed. Everything God gives you is precious, do not undermine/devalue it. Christ Jesus was born to commoners yet His end was royalty and dominion.

Most times, God answers our prayer at the point of destiny rather than need. Every answer God gives is an evolving answer. The fact that you do not understand it now does not mean it won’t speak in the future. There is an attitude that you must adapt – gratitude for what God gives you.

Exo 16:4

There are certain things God gives to you to test you. God tests your heart and obedience to instruction. There is profit in ALL labour. God tests hearts before He gives the fullness of the blessing. Your character (gratitude, faithfulness) is not aligned to God’s requirement.

Isa 30:18-23

Sometimes God will not give you what you want so that you can hear God with clarity. God equips before He gives. God is more interested in your learning than what you desire.

1 Thess 5:16-18

Rejoice always! Always appreciate how far He has brought you. Rejoice because what you have is a test and a pathway to what you desire. Every time you come to God, come with gratitude, pray without ceasing, give thanks always as this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

Hab 3:17-18

Rejoice in the God of your salvation. Are you thankful for where you are?

John 1:11

The same way the children of Israel rejected manna, likewise, they rejected Jesus, and yet they did not discern the greatness in Christ Jesus.

Rom 8:32; John 6:9

The same way that Jesus was rejected as manna and by the Jews is still the same way He is being rejected in our present times. What you have (Jesus) is worth more than what you need. When you are with Christ, you don’t need more to become much.

John 6:10

Jesus received the 5 loaves and 2 fish and asked the disciples to tell the people to sit down. To sit down means to rest, to settle down, to maximise the moment. Jesus was demonstrating to the disciples that this is a moment to maximise, to learn. To sit down in a moment of expectation in the present reality. Jesus was telling them to mirror His posture.

Psa 110:1

In every situation, don’t be in a hurry to run through, sit down. Jesus is sitting making intercession on our behalf. Sit – wait be busy doing something else. Trust Him.

Sitting is a posture that invites and receives divine intervention. Anxiety will never fetch you anything in the Kingdom. Only those that sat received the meal.

Much grass speaks of much pasture, much pasture speaks of many words. You are either in a place of low pasture or much pasture. Grass speaks of spiritual meat, wherever there is much spiritual meat, physical meat will meet you there. Where you are in a place of the abundance of God’s word, know that your needs will meet you there. Always ensure that you are within close proximity to the word of God.

True thanksgiving and gratitude are to use what God has given you. How you appreciate what God has given you is by using it. Jesus used the boy’s lunch and it appreciated it into more. Also as a sign of thanksgiving, He did not let them waste it, He gathered what was left. If you truly see the value of something, you never waste it.

What is in your hand is far more valuable than what you think.

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