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Luke 1:30-38

It takes faith to partner with God to birth His purpose in your life.

God’s intention was to come into the world with a body, Jesus. Everything that God wants to do in our generation, He would need you to partner with Him. When God wants to do something significant on earth, He finds a man to partner with.

Heb 11:7

In order to partner with God, you can only partner with God by faith, not human reasoning/logic. Noah moved with Godly fear. You cannot reason God, you can only believe God. Your human mind does not have the capacity to comprehend God’s wisdom.

Heb 11:11; Rom 4:19-21

At 90 years, Sarah received the strength to conceive. When God speaks, you don’t make sense of Him only believe. Watch and see the salvation of God. Without water and Spirit – i.e. the word and the spirit of God you cannot see the manifestation of God’s promise. Don’t think about what God says but who said it. Focus on the speaker (God) rather than what has been declared. God understands that our faith grows even in the midst of our failures. It takes faith to partner with God. Partnering with God will cost you.

1 John 5:4

Don’t limit favour to the only good conditions, it may sometimes cost you precious things but eventually produces a good outcome according to God’s expected end for you. As long as you are partnering with God, it may manifest as a challenge but you would eventually overcome it.

3 things you must do when partnering with God

  1. Luke 1:38 You must receive and believe the word of God. When you truly believe with your heart, you do not seek alternatives.
  2. Luke 1:39 God will place you in the right company to grow the word. Whilst there you are waiting on God and He gives you an assignment. While you are busy with what God assigns you to do, you will not be weary in waiting. You will receive the word and follow it to the company God sends you. The principle of waiting on God is such that you bring your challenge to God and deposit it at His feet then He gives you His assignment and you go and run with it, as you are looking after God’s assignment, God himself will be taking care of your issues. Basically, when you are waiting on God, God will give you something else to occupy you.
  3. Luke 1:46 Every time you partner with God, while you are waiting on God, He would always give you a song. That song is a prophecy of what you are expecting. The songs God gives you are for you to keep speaking His promises. That song resonates with what God is doing rather than what you desire.

Matt 1:18-21

You are a custodian, you are not the source of what God will do in your life.

Mary and Joseph were not the source of Jesus. They carried it into manifestation but are not the source. A lot of what God wants to do in this season, you cannot control it but you will be a part of it. There may be certain things that God will allow you to start so do not have a mind-set of an owner, you are only a custodian.

Acts 1:6-7; Psa 16:5

The significance of your place is as a custodian for the sake of what God wants to birth through you, but beware that it all belongs to God, not you. The timings of our destiny are in God’s hands and we are custodians and stewards.

Luke 2:1-7

The world will not necessarily make room for what God will birth through you.

Even if the world does not make room, it is ok to start in a manger. God can teach you by Himself especially when you lack help from men. The world may not always make room for what you have to offer.

Luke 14:16-21

More often than not it is those that lack options that have the capacity to receive something new. The poor in spirit means that they don’t assume that they have but are willing to receive more. The hardest people to receive something new are people who think that they have what they want. You must never allow yourself to settle or think that you have arrived and start to depend on your personal intelligence. God has who He has called to receive that which He is birthing through you.

Wise men are coming

The fact that those around you may not room for your potential does not mean that Kings will not seek you out. Wise men from far came to seek out the birth of Jesus meanwhile those around Him did not make room for Him (at the Inn).

Prov 18:16

When Jesus’ star shown those (wise men, Kings) that sensed His potential made room for Him. Rejection is subjective and not general. The fact that they didn’t make room for you somewhere does not mean that you should discard what you carry. When Jesus was born Herod the King said where is He that we may worship Him. To worship means to serve. Everyone’s gift would be served, someone somewhere would refer you.

Herod is coming so no matter how hard you pray, he would not fall down and die

The spirit of Herod attacks your potential at its infancy. The spirit of Herod is actually intimidated by something small (potential). There is a season to manifest and a season to shut-up. It is not everybody that has the capacity and right motive to mentor your ideas and growth. Beware, be wise!


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