7 things to expect when accelerating with God



It starts with the word: Distance in the realm of the spirit is measured by the word. A word from God takes you from where you are to where you should be. Psa 105: 19. The word changes gears.  The man at the pool was waiting for the right season/cycle/time but the Word came and saved him.

There will be a destination and clarification

There will be transformation: The you that started the journey will be different from the you at manifestation. Often times the journey of delay is based on relationships we keep. Joshua and Caleb did not enter the Promised land because of the generation they were in.Be ready to change your traditions and mindsets

When you accelerate with God, you will catch vision: Deut 1:6. God gives direction but will test your loyalty beforehand by requesting that you trust Him blindly.

Vision is what you see when God speaks. When God speaks He paints pictures.  Visionaries operate in the realm of faith not facts. What you see determines what you possess

Vision is a function of the heart and not eyes. Matt 13:15 Your response to life is depends on your heart which is based on what you see from the word. Stop tying yourself down with what surrounds you.

Whatever God has placed in your life has value. What do you have time, degree, skills etc? God will work using that. What do you have in your hand, seed or lack?

Vision precedes possession.

David could have seen God as depriving him of being the temple builder or as confirmation that his generation would endure.

When in doubt and you remember the past; how things didn’t go to plan. Learn to remember the word “remember not the things of old”. Don’t use the past as a yard stick for the future. Learn your lesson and move on.

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