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Get Involved in Missions Posted

cog.jpgMissions involves sending out of people specifically to spread the God news. It is a partnership of evangelism and social action e.g, food, justice, communities, to give a holistic concept of God. Read more

Liberation from Graveyard spirit Posted

cog.jpgThe power of the grave monitors the glory of a man’s life to attack it. You need to address any issues and not ignore them. Read more

Harvest of Grace Posted

cog.jpgGod provided a pool for healing. However, the system of the pool had conditions. Jesus came to introduce a system of grace with no restrictions. The man’s healing was based on his belief and obedience and not his ability to get into the pool. Read more

The Man Child Principle Posted

cog.jpgEvery attack on your life is because the devil is intimidated by you. The Seed will overwhelm the devil’s head i.e., Satanic wisdom, the best of Satan’s best. The devil bruises the Church by attacking those who do not know their place in Chris Read more

Remember God Posted

cog.jpgPeople forget God in times of great success or tribulation. Remembering God should be a function of His goodness and not your situation. Read more