The Transformation Experience Posted

cog.jpg What is the gospel? 2nd Cor 3:13-18 Rom 1:16 The gospel is the divine route into salvation which includes abundance life. Salvation is a destination in God where we enjoy life in its fullness.  The gospel is not the law or prophets. It is Christ. What ap…  Read more

Influencing Culture Posted

cog.jpgAll Christians are called to make disciples of nations which can be paraphrased as immersing the world in God's culture i.e., kingdom. So why is there still corruption on earth?  Read more

Walking in Rest Posted

cog.jpgTo reflect God’s glory and live life well, you must operate from a position of rest. Rest is physically adopting what is spiritually established. The opposite of rest is not work but anxiety. Choose to pray your anxiety away so you live in rest. Read more