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2 Kings 13:14-21

The manifestation of the power of the spirit is a preserve of the spirit Himself. The Holy Spirit is the one who chooses when to manifest and how to manifest and so He dispenses how His manifestation occurs in the life of His people.

2 Cor 12:7-9

Paul was a man given to revelation yet in spite of it all, He suffered affliction. Where there is an abundance of revelation, there is a tendency in man to become proud, so it is God’s unique choice and ability to manifest His power; and so, despite Paul’s level of revelation he had a thorn. The thorn is a weakness in Paul’s life to remember to acknowledge God in ALL. Prayer compel God to answer your bidding, it does not change God but rather prayer changes us. In prayer God supplies grace. Until you acknowledge helplessness, you have not entered into grace.

Unanswered prayer does not always mean lack of power, rather it is the highest form of submission to God. God is more interested in perfecting you than giving things to you, the important thing to God is to grow you into maturity.

Prayer is not for you to get things from God but rather God’s mechanism to birth His agenda on earth.

2 Kings 13:14-21

Elisha on his sick bed, still delivered a nation, yet he died. In death, his bones resurrected a dead man. This demonstrates to us that it is God’s prerogative to heal, deliever and raise from the dead. It is God that dispenses His power.

Acts 10:39-40

Even Jesus was raised from the dead BY GOD.

Mat 11:1-6

People get offended because they feel certain people did not do enough.

Mat 11:2-3; 4:12-17; Isa 61:1-3

Jesus heard that John the Baptist was in prison yet He did not visit because Jesus sensed it as a distraction so rather than go to visit, chased His purpose.

Mat 25:43

A Christian’s life must be administered from the Spirit, do not do it because you are being driven by men. Be led by the spirit of God and not driven by men.

Why do you do what you do? Are you being led from within or without?

When you are led, you do the requirement and rest because you get a fulfilment in your spirit regardless of what others are doing around you. When you are doing something and you are agitated, please STOP, those that are led do not complain. When you are led, even your act of visitation is an act of worship and it is acceptable before God. The one that is driven is simply ticking the box and the reward is from man only. You cannot do enough, be led.

Salvation is a personal work but redemption is for all, blessed is He who is not offended.

Psa 133:1-3

Unity does not mean agreement. God never created Christians to function as individuals. We are all dependent on the Head, Christ. Similarly the human body system, all parts of the body work in unison. The Head, Christ is anointed; when you are attached to the body of Christ, the anointing from the Head flows to all parts of the body. What unites us as a Church is not that we agree with each other always, but rather that we share the common spirit of God. What makes us united is that even if we are not in agreement, Christ’s agenda remains the final authority. Therefore as long as you submit to the Head, align with the authority. In the Kingdom of God there is a chain of command and you must align, this is unity!

There is too much at stake in disunity. The enemy attacks via division especially when he senses there is promotion on the way.


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