Accelerate through Family


Marriage has been instituted before man’s civilisation began.

Marriage was designed by God to meet man’s spiritual, social and physical need.

Marriage is a privilege. It is good but it takes the cooperation of both parties to build a home.

Marriage is work so even if both parties are in the spirit etc, it does not guarantee success if they both don’t work towards it.

Ecc 4:10. There is spiritual warfare in marriage. Marriage is a covenant.

Honouring marriage covenant can be used to break generational curses.

Ecc 4:11. There is companionship and sexual fulfillment in marriage. There is also favour.

Sex should be within marriage. Sex is an intermingling of soul, body and spirit.

Trust and commitment holds a marriage together. At a wedding, both parties exchange vows but married life is a daily renewal of these vows.

Pre-marital counselling is to ensure that each party still wants to get married to the other person. It’s not about meeting church requirements.

1st Cor 13: God’s kind of love is a template for marriage covenant.

 God hates divorce but not the divorcee.

  Your marriage is a gift so fight for it. How?
  • Don’t focus on the negatives, make up as you disagree
  • Also have regular check up from your spouse to understand how well you are doing in each area e.g., sex, finance etc.
  • Have open communication.

If violence and abuse occurs in marriage, then separation is advised.

Separation will be a time to review and address the issues in both parties. Counselling is advised and both parties must cooperate in this situation.

Marriage is not 50/50 but 100/100 meaning you do not take actions based on the other party's actions.

You give your best, i.e., you take responsibility to give 100% of yourself, of what you have and of who you are.

Responsibilities in marriage:

  • Man: Provider, Leader, prophet, priest
  • Woman: Helpmeet, helper, companion,
  • God: Foundational pillar, anchor-man, Sustainer, fruitful vine

Even if a woman and man are unable to meet these responsibilities, both should understand that’s the above responsibilities are the ideal and should walk towards it.

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