Accelerate through Prayer



Your season (time) determines what you do. Although Elijah told Ahab to eat and drink, he knew that as a prophet, it was time for him to pray. 1st Kings 18:41-42


Jesus asked “Could you not tarry with me for 1 hr? Matt 26:40. Although, sleeping in not a bad thing, the disciples did not understand that it was time to pray   and not sleep.

Misunderstanding made Ahab and the disciples to eat and sleep at the wrong time. You need to discern if your actions will be profitable for the issues you currently face.

At times, it is easier to seek short term respite from  your issues. Luke 22:45. Prayer is the right response  to the issues of life.

The disciples slept, Ahab ate, others indulge in alcohol, binge eating, drink, pornography, binge TV (boxsets) etc. 

If you respond immediately and appropriately you will  be delivered without loss. Jesus prayed that Peter     did not fall away. He responded immediately & appropriately to the devil’s attack so Peter was saved. Jerusalem did not know her day of visitation because she did not position herself properly (no word from    God in 400 years due to spiritual decline) so they    were unable to recognize the Messiah.

The kingdom is accessed by those who are tenacious.

Life will give you what you fight for and not what you deserve Matt 11:12.

There are 2 forces that influence men: the world or Kingdom of God (God’s realm, rule & agenda per time).

The agenda of the world comes by default and does not require any action from you but the agenda of the kingdom only comes by fighting.

Wherever you find yourself, you should consider if it is God’s agenda. If so, recognise God’s goodness and thank Him. If it’s not God’s agenda, then it is the world’s agenda. You therefore need to enforce and establish God’s agenda.  

You should establish the kingdom of God per time in every situation. That’s dominion.

This is done by prayer and then replicated by faith in practical terms. Prayer is a journey that leads to rest which is manifestation.

Stages in a prayer journey are burden, travail and then warfare.

  • Burden: God places unease in your heart when He wants to initiate something in your life.
  • Travail: You are sure of what God wants and therefore you pray. Travails come from within.
  • Warfare: After you prayed, this is how to defend your portion and deliverance.

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