Acknowledging the good in you


You need to acknowledge the good in your situation, no matter how disappointing it may seem. Don’t despise what you are going through. See value in what is in your hand so it can be fruitful.

           If you think the grass on your field is good, you will tend it and it will flourish. If you think your            neighbour’s grass is greener, you will neglect your field and it will deteriorate.

Matt 13:15 Fruitfulness is a function of your hearing and seeing. There is no luck in being fruitful.  Hearing is a product of understanding, seeing is a product of perception. Both understanding and perception occurs in the mind.

You need to acknowledge that your current situation is a seed that has the capacity to germinate into fruitfulness (God’s will for you). You support the manifestation process by what you see and hear.

           A woman acknowledges conception (seed) before delivery (fruitfulness). She supports the                baby’s manifestation by her diet, clothes, shoes etc. 

It is only people who know their good that manifest. It is by acknowledging the good that you step out. It doesn’t mean you are the best 1st Tim 6:6. Don’t think others are better than you. Contentment doesn’t mean you are satisfied but that you see the value in what you have and who you are.

            Although he was still a shepherd, David acknowledged his anointing as king and fought                    Goliath whilst trained warriors looked on. 1st Sam 17: 1-40.

John 6:1-15 Fact is what you see.1st Sam 22: 2 The greatness of David’s leadership was that he saw seed in men whom society has despised. whereas Saul took the best.To have seeing ear and hearing ear, you must be a person of the word and prayer. Prayer positions you to see what God's word i.e. vision which is your preferred future. 

            Phillip correctly saw the fact that it would take a fortune (about 1 year’s wages) to feed                     5,000 men (excluding women and children). Matt 14:19 Jesus correctly saw the truth; that                 with God’s intervention, what seemed impossible will be done with ease.

To correctly interpret life, you need the word and prayerDavid was in the wilderness but he was making progress. Jonathan went to the palace and died. 

             Make choices in life based on seed (truth) and not face value (fact). Seed is placing value based on what God says. Harvest is placing value based on what people say.

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