Acknowledging the seed in you


Matt 17:20

Jesus reference to “faith the size of a mustard seed” is not in relation to size but to tangibility. As long as you have tangible faith which you acknowledge then nothing shall be impossible. Tangible faith is active, living faith.

Although a seed has life in it, in isolation, the seed is dead. For a seed to be live, it needs to be planted. So also for your faith to bear fruits, it needs to be planted.

The ground for your seed of faith is your heart.  Then the process of seed, time and then harvest occurs. The time between the seed and harvest depends on God. Your Kairos moment can be shortened or lengthened based on God’s plan. Your contribution to getting your harvest is planting your seed of faith.

Matt 13: 1-30 In the parable of the sower, there ground which the seeds were planted were the issue and not the seed. In this case, the seed is the word of God and the ground is your heart. Good ground (a good heart) has the right attitude towards the word.

Heb 2:1 A good heart holds on to God’s word. This can be done through meditation. Learn to meditate after prayer to keep reminding yourself of what the Word says. Mediation helps you to plant the word into your heart.

Not holding onto God’s word is like planting in a field and forgetting where the field is located. The seed will bear fruit but you won’t be there to enjoy it.

Prayer is the process of pushing out a baby (Word). You need to acknowledge the word of God inside you so that your prayer will deliver your harvest. The evidence of being filled with the Holy Spirit is not just speaking in tongues; it is also in seeing visions, i.e., having the capacity to see your preferred future. Acts 2:17

So you need to acknowledge your seed of faith and plant it in your heart which should have a good attitude to God’s word.  Through prayer and meditation, your seed, based on God’s word, grows and then uproots the mountains in your life.

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