Activating Your Open Heavens








1 Kings 18:45-47; 2 Pet 1:3

All that a believer needs has been released to you by God, however you need to activate the seed within you.

Isa 22:22; Rev 3:7

Keys denote revelation, that is, being able to see what God is saying about a situation. Keys unveil mysteries.

John 3:26-27; James 1:7

2 Kings 6;7:1-2

Tomorrow about this time, that desire will manifest. When the Heavens are open, there comes an end to famine, challenges, troubles, problems etc.

How to activate your open heaven


1 Kings 18:42-44; Luk 3:21-22; Acts 12:5; Rev 5:12

Be a person of prayer. Prayer is a two way dialogue; meeting with your Heavenly Father and pouring your heart to Him then listening to Him also.

Luke 11:1-6; Matt 21:13

The only way to learn prayer is by praying. Any life that is without prayer is a den of thieves (a life that the devil can steal from).

Luk 6:12; Isa 66:8

Prayer provokes supernatural manifestations. When prayer is not made, destiny decays.

1 John 5:19; Acts 23:12

Develop a passion for prayer.

James 5:17

Don’t give up on prayer, revisit your prayer time.

Matt 26:40

Prayer sharpens your spiritual antenna for divine accuracy for assimilation of revelation. If Jesus continued to tarry in the place of prayer, then so should we.  The bible is a book of promises principles and patterns, we activate these in the place of prayer.


In the midst of famine, Eijah heard the sound of abundance of rain.

1 Sam 3:1 Samuel could hear the voice of God as a result of God’s word in his mouth (prayer).

How do I hear God?

Spirituality  Rev 1:10; Rom 8:6-8; John 4:24, 6:63; Jer 10:23  

Until you are a person of the spirit you cannot hear what God is saying. Desire to be a spiritual person. You cannot comprehend God with your natural mind. You hear God by:

  • Spirituality – living a life according to the scriptures. Spirituality is the security for every destiny. Deny your flesh some pleasures.
  • The word of God – Study the word Rom 10:17. You cannot lack God’s word and hear His words. John 10:27-28 Be a dedicated student of the Bible. Study the word with a voracious appetite. The word of God is the answer to every situation. Jer 15:16. Search eat and speak the word. Isa 41:21; Hosea 14:2; 2 Tim 2:15 Present your case to God. Search the scriptures and apply the word to your life.


What you see, you become. What is God telling you, as you see it, you become it.

2 Kings 6:17 Until you see, you cannot receive. When you have seen you become cool amidst storms.

2 Kings 3:17-18; Gen 21:18-19

When you see, your declaration becomes uncommon.


Prov 11:24; Mal 3:10

Financial prosperity is rooted in the covenant practice of giving. Financial open heavens does not respond to prayers but a covenant of giving. Be sold out to giving. Only covenant practitioners of the giving principle can enjoy the open heaven of financial prosperity.

Phil 4:15-19

Gen 8:22

Whatever seed you have there is potential within that seed to become a harvest.



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