Advance in Praise









Gen 29:31-35

2 Chr 20:1-25

True praise emanates from the place of absolute faith in God. Praise is about how you acknowledge the goodness of God. To advance this year, you cannot focus on your circumstances. You’ve got to name your situation, PRAISE.

Leah was in a situation where she was married to a man that did not love her and she was also in a conflict with her sister.

Gen 29:32-34

Leah could not focus on the goodness of God in the manifestation of Reuben’s birth, rather she remained downcast amidst the birth of her son. Do not let your situation determine how you name your life. Leah kept looking to her husband for love, this was demonstrated in the names she gave to her sons (Reuben, Simeon, Levi). However, the reality is Leah was loved by God, she was looking for love in the wrong place.

Gen 29:35

Leah then had a shift in her focus, and she choose to name her son Judah meaning praise. Leah stopped looking to what she was going through and choose to praise God regardless of her circumstances. For advancement to occur, you have to shift focus and look to God. Change the names that you call your circumstance and choose JUDAH. Let praise arise on the inside.

2 Chro. 20:6-8

King Jehoshaphat's prayer: He acknowledged the wonders of God and testified of the wonders of God in the past. With full assurance in God that He would wrought victory in their midst.

2 Chro. 20:15

The battle belongs to God not you. Focus on God. Praise God and honour Him for who He is.

2 Chro. 20:18-21; Hab 3:17-18

King Jehoshaphat bowed down in the midst of the battle. He had received the word that the battle belongs to God, he believed the word enough to bow down in absolute faith in God. Then, he put singers first before the soldiers in demonstration that praise should go before the army. Raise your praise! Let your praise be more than your petition.

Psa 146:1-2

What qualifies you to praise God is your breath. Let not your heart be troubled, let your praise remain constant. Let Judah go first!

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