Advance in the next decade









There is always a shift in decades.

Psa 90:4,12

It is about asking God for wisdom and revelation to measure our days. It is a function of knowing the smaller and bigger context.

The emphasis is not only in the decade but the season. Within every decade are seasons.

1 Chr 12:32

Seasons are fundamental for every man. How you enter or exit seasons will determine how you advance in life.

Gen 8:22

Seed, time and harvest. You must understand when you are advancing in the decade to know what season of life you are in, this informs what you do.

Ask yourself; how do I connect with God to unravel the season I am in. To connect, you unravel what is the mind of God.

Your life must operate a 5G connection to receive spiritual download of God’s mind for you.

First G – connect with God. How?

Understand your identity in God. Who are you in God? What did God create you for?

  1. Isolated intimacy with God. Mark 1:35
  2. The Holy Spirit John 14:16 – to connect to God you need the Holy Spirit

Second G – Grace; the manifestation of God’s gift upon you which you do not deserve. Eph 4:7 When everything disqualifies you, grace will qualify you. You need to discover what you have been graced for; discover it.

Third G – Your gift. The gift of God within you is without repentance. The gift of every man will make way for him. 1 Pet 4:10

Being skilled is the proof of competence that you have grown in your gift. What gift do you carry? Discover, develop and deploy your gift.

Gen 1:28 God said “be fruitful” meaning there is already a seed within you.

Fourth G – Grit: this is your resilience in dealing with distractions. You must persevere to the end. Luk 21:19

Fifth G – Google connects you to relationships, social, networks of minds, relationships, knowledge etc. Prov 13:20

5 Parameters for engaging as you advance in this decade:

  1. Your confidants – people you can share your secret with and it is safe. They are in your life to challenge you and make you a better person. They cannot betray you.
  2. Constituents (i.e. scaffolder) – people are in your life for a season and a reason. When the reason expires, the season seems to be. If you keep them, they would deface your life. Never make your constituents your confidants.
  3. Comrades – you fight the same course. They are not your friends, you come together for a common course only.
  4. Critics – you must have people who will criticise you. You must learn how to take criticism in a positive way. They help to push you ahead.
  5. Captains – you must have mentors that you learn from. They help you to navigate through life. The best knowledge you can ever gain is by learning from the mistakes of others.

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