Advance through total recovery








1 Sam 30:1-19

David suffered an attack from the Amalekites. The greatest form of attack is on families.

Deut 25:17-19

Jer 31:1; Psa 68:6

God is a God for families, He sets the solitary in families.

Psa 30:5; Isa 12:3

In spite of any attack that you are experiencing, your joy has come, this is your season of recovery.

John 10:10; Jer 30:17

To recover means to repossess, recapture, recollect, to take back something that has been stolen by the dispossession of the enemy. Your health, relationship, wealth, peace, joy is restored in Jesus name.

The gospel is God’s recovery mandate given to every man to re-establish the counsel of God on the earth, due to what Adam and Eve lost in the beginning.

Rom 5:12, 19; 2 Cor 5:21

Jesus came to reconcile man back to God, through the efficacious blood of Jesus Christ.

Heb 12:24

To recover all is when the supernatural is brought into our humanity thereby allowing the reality of heaven to become an evidential reality on earth.

Rom 8:19

Who needs recovery?

  1. Those that the enemy contends with their life, family, health, career, etc Jude 1:9; Matt 13:35; 4:4
  2. Those whose atmosphere resists the help of God and those that God sends to them as helpers. E.g. Jonah 1:5-7; Acts 27:23-25. Your atmosphere determines what you hear. The atmosphere you create around you will determine the voice you hear 2 Kings 3:17-43.

How to recover all

  1. Develop a God first culture – Prioritise God in all you do. God is not an after-thought but your default posture. Matt 6:33; Isa 44:6
  2. Enquire from God first. Inquiry rooted in the word of God will bring clarity and light (direction) in the process of recovery. Divine direction is the joker of champions. Psa 119:5; Prov 3:5-6. Nothing commands the flight of life-like light. When there is the illumination of God in your path, you receive direction and speed. Psa 36:9; 119:162. The prayer of inquiry born in the place of meditation brings divine backing. The backing received in God’s word guarantees divine prophetic assistance, God is committed to His word. 2 Peter 9:1; Jer 1:12.
  3. Go after generosity and become an outreach. The generosity of David to the injured man along the way that led to David’s victorious recovery. It is time to be generous with whatever God has committed to your hands. The generosity of Naaman created a conducive environment for his maid to disclose the information that led to Naaman’s healing from leprosy. Becoming an outreach means being an embodiment of that which you seek to receive e.g. when you give joy, you also receive joy etc.
  4. Discern divine helpers correctly. Divine helpers are agents of change, acceleration, promotion, transformation, and uncommon breakthroughs, they are agents that help in total recovery. God sends help to us through divine destiny helpers. They are people divinely empowered to help one achieve purpose in the journey of life. They give a divine push. Psa 17:14 God uses the hands of men to extend help to us.

Divine helpers serve as divine connectors and bridges through the path of life. Destiny helpers can also be divinely compelled to bring help to you Mark 15:21.

David was able to discern and provide help to a wounded man along the way, and this action brought the information that gave David direction for recovery. Don't be too absorbed in the moment that you become blind to the needs of your neighbour, be a willing and generous helper likewise.

Walk in your recovery mandate in Jesus name, Amen.

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