Advance, Upgrade and Restore








Joh 12:23; Heb. 11:35

The physical manifestation of one’s life is a result of their spiritual reality.

Isa 37:31

Mark 16:20 God’s power is in His word, pay attention to His word and you will see His power.

Pray to receive revelation and also pray to enforce the revelation that you have received.

1 Kings 17:9 Elijah acted on the divine instruction that he had received and this resulted in a corresponding action.

Deut 1:6 God wants to give you a new revelation beyond what you had been used to.

To advance means to go forward / cover distance. However covering distance is relative to the transport medium deployed.

Isa 40:31 When you wait on the Lord, rather than running on foot, you begin to fly in the air. There is a divine technology in God that invokes speed and collapse time and season, causes you to become an exemption to the rule that applies to the common man. This technology is mercy, grace and favour.


A person who operates under mercy of God is full of several / multiple chances. God is full of mercy, for His purposes sake.


Grace is the bridge between your limitation and God’s expectation. Grace covers one’s limitation.


God grants you opportunities you do not qualify for, this is God’s favour. God extends favour to people of value. Your part is to ensure that you carry value. Your heart cry should be how I will add value to my life to be a solution to others.

John 12:23-24 Death / transition is the pathway to advancement. Every time God desires to glorify a believer, He will introduce death.

Death means God is ending a process and initiating a new one. Death is never pleasant but necessary. It is either you change (transition) or you decay and die where you are. Your loss of value is God letting you know that you are decaying in that position.

2 Sam 21:17 David advanced from being a mighty warrior to become the light of Israel i.e. Strategist.

Do not let people devalue your skill set, find what you are good at and develop your value. Mediocrity is when you are trying to work outside your skill set.

Out of death comes life! Don’t hold on to death.

2 Cor 3:18 Every revelation you see is who you are transformed into. Prayer is how you birth the reality that you have received from God. Every new vision received is a new instruction, it unveils a new version of you.

2 Cor 13:4

You cannot be praying for restoration if you are not prepared to make a change / move / transit. You must be willing to shed what is decaying and embrace what is blossoming.

1 Cor 15:35-38

When a stage of life ends, it is a seed for the next stage. You cannot / should not keep wishing to go back. God called Abraham to leave his father’s house, to transition him from being the son of his father to becoming a father of many nations.

John 12:25

Stop praying about what is no more, because God has left it. What are you holding onto???

Restoration does not come back to what He has left. Your place is to follow Him, quite what is already dead.

Isa 43:18-20

Prov 4:18 Advance Upgrade and Restore.

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