Advancing into Fullness II








John 2:1-11

On the third day there was a wedding in Cana, note that the 3rd day signifies resurrection, new birth, our salvation (when we became saved).

Why the 3rd day?

A typical Jewish wedding lasts for 7 days; first 2 days were dedicated for people who travel down from other parts to arrive for the wedding; the wedding ceremony kicks off on the 3rd day. Similarly, the first 2 days of your life is your life before you met Christ.

Eph 2:10

Until a believer comes into Christ Jesus, your works are not “good” before God. It is only what is inspired by God that is accepted by God. Until you receive Christ, everything you do only encourages God to draw close to you, but you have not fully entered Christ until you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour, thereafter you enter into “good works” which God had before ordained that you should walk in.

The 3rd day is when life starts to count in God, i.e. when you come into Christ Jesus as Lord and Saviour i.e. is when life truly begins to count. Until you transition into what God has called you to, your life is not yet counting before God.

Gen 12:2, 4

Your faith does not kick in when God instructs you, it actually kicks in when you act on the word of God. Your 3rd day as a person begins to count when you do what tells you to do.

A wedding symbolises celebration. A typical wedding lasts for 7 days (perfection of the believer’s faith), the wedding starts to count from the 3rd day (day of resurrection). Similarly the believer’s life is from the day of salvation to the day of perfection. Everything about the believer’s life is about a wedding ceremony; all you do is a preparation for the final day (perfection) of the marriage with Christ.

Eph 4:11-13; 5:25-27

The body (church) moves forward because the body is in sync with the head (Christ).

The wedding feast was in Cana. Cana means the weakness and fragility of man. This simply means that this wedding celebration was being conducted in a weak place and no matter how perfect the wedding celebration is it was organised by man, a fragile being. In your home, career, marriage, finances, education etc your best effort is futile. However even though the best effort and location was in Cana, Christ was there!

Isa 42:2-3; 1 Cor 12:9-12; John 9:2-4

Christ does not despise weakness, He draws close to it. Christ was at the wedding so that the futility of man would reveal the power of God. Christ had been present before you entered the crisis. Things will change so that the works of God might be made manifest in your life.

The wedding ran out of wine because of demand. Wine symbolises a supply of the spirit and the grace of God. Wine kicks in where your ability stops. At this wedding, the wine that was served was supplied by man and not God, and human effort will always fail because of the demand of life. You must never present yourself as someone who has a solution to the thirst of men. Your role is to be an intercessor, you are not the solution provider.

John 2:5

When wine is provided by man it will fail, when you are trying to provide wine, it will overwhelm you. Mary intercedes and says to them; whatsoever He asks you to do, do! What has God instructed you to do?

John 2:6-8

Man is symbolised by the water pots, the water symbolises the word of God.

When you fill your spirit with the word of God, when a demand is laid on it and you draw from it, it will produce the manifestation of the spirit. As a believer, manifestation must occur from your overflow. If you are not full, faith, grace will not work neither will you be able to activate mercy. It is not in you trying, it is in you being full. You draw from the overflow of the spirit that you are full of.

When others taste of what you are full of, it becomes a thing of value to them.

Phil 4:6

Concentrate on God filling you up in prayer, word, spirit etc.

Prayer is you coming to God with your request, supplication is you bowing to God for His mercy. Thanksgiving is how you respond to God in prayer.

When your efforts fails, forget about your efforts, Christ wants to reveal His heart and mind to you. Fill yourself with the word. Also, whenever you run out of supply, you run back to the word.

Advance to fullness, stay in His word.

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