Advancing Your Breakthrough


Every break through comes with a fresh set of possibilities and challenges.

Breakthroughs can be maximised or squandered depending on the process you put in place.  For the healed cripple, Jesus told him to stop sinning so he won’t squander his breakthrough of healing. John 5:14. To maximise marriage, you have to love and submit.

Every breakthrough has a purpose from God. Our knowledge of that purpose will determine our commitment to the process of establishing that purpose. Hab 2:1

Gen 18: 17-19  Abraham knew that the purpose of Isaac’s existence was to birth a nation. So he was committed in raising Isaac not just as a boy but as a nation. Abraham set up a process in giving Isaac a godly culture. Note that God never told Abraham not to marry from Canaan but Abraham knowing God’s agenda for Isaac insisted that he did not marry a Canaanite woman. Likewise, Isaac passed this culture to Jacob.

Every breakthrough comes with responsibilities which need to be considered when making decisions. The more blessed/promoted you are, the more responsibility you will encounter.Luke 14:28

For every breakthrough, you need to advance in it. To advance in it, you need to accept that changes need to be made in your life. Joseph gave up his carpentry business to relocate to Egypt to preserve Jesus.

 Jer 1:18 This is what is happens when you receive your breakthrough.

Jer 15: 21 This will happen because you know the purpose of your breakthrough.

Every breakthrough gives you a place and brings a new status. Num 13:32

That status is a location/place in God that you are established. What will sustain you there is your belief in who has brought you there. In famine, Abraham and Isaac flourished. Also, Joseph flourished in a foreign land. Nothing can limit you because God is the source of your breakthrough.

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