After the Cross over, what next?








Luke 4:1-14

Jesus returned from the Jordan, FULL of the spirit. Being full of the spirit is not merely speaking in tongues, but also being full of the word of God that you have received.

Luke 4:1 Jesus returning from the spirit.

The purpose of temptation is to prove (perfect) the word that you have received. If there is no trial / temptation, the word will not advance in you. Progress comes in the place of temptation. God allows the temptation to transform and prosper you.

The devil’s divisive plan is to make the word of God a lie, however God’s agenda is to approve and validate the word through the trials / temptations that confront you. At the end of the test, the voice of temptation becomes the voice of validation.

Hunger is necessary for validation and approval.

Luke 4:2 The enemy came to tempt Jesus, in an attempt to make the word a lie. In those days, Jesus fasted. Fasting and praying makes you alert and attentive. God brings the affliction for you to pray and birth out the word. You need to contend in order to experience and handle the victory. Whoever hears the word has the responsibility to deliver (birth) the victory. No one can help you PUSH.

Through prayer, you will un-sit Haman and re-position Mordecai!

Luke 4:2-3 Afterwards, Jesus was hungry. Hunger sends the signal of an unmet need. Hunger signifies a deficit of something. The devil tempts you in the area of your deficit.

Luke 4:3-4 Wherever you find hunger, beware of feeding on junk (the wrong things). Hunger leads to desperation. Stone is not for eating but for building, simply means to operate outside of divine order. That which should be used for building, you eat it due to your desperation. It also means to use God’s grace on your life to meet a personal need. God gives you grace to build the Kingdom not for personal use.

Whatever God has called you to, there is a need beyond your personal need. Your name is tied to your service. Study the rich-man and Lazarus story.

To turn stone to bread means to use God’s grace to meet a personal need. 

The fullness of life is not in you meeting needs but in the word you have received. Man does not live by bread alone but by every word. Every need in your life that you desire is a product of the word of God.

John 1:1-3; Isa 34:16 When there is hunger in your life in any area, go and feed on the word. Do not feed on what another person has. What you are looking for is not in bread but in the word, feed on the word, it will create that which you lack in hunger. Every prophetic word has a manifested state. If it came out of God’s word, His integrity will bring it to past. Even though you are hungry, do not focus on your hunger, align with the word, the word will create the transformation you seek.

Luke 4:5-7 The devil took Jesus up to a high mountain, note, Jesus did not climb. You are given access to what you usually do would normally not have accessed. This also means when you are shown the kingdom (accomplishments etc) of others, if you are not careful, this would breed envy and covetousness within you. If you feed on the accomplishments of others, you would feed on ungodly / demonic means to acquire wealth and recognition. Everything that the devil will show and give you definitely belongs to someone else because He is a thief and a liar. Whatever the devil gives you will eventually kill you because you are carrying what you were not built for.

John 18:36; Heb 11:8; 1 Cor 2:9-12 Everything that the devil showed Jesus was of this world, however Jesus’ kingdom is not of this world. If you stay with God, you will experience ALL in Him. Do not let the accomplishment of others diminish your progress.

Luke 4:7-8 The key to receiving your own portion in life is worship. Worship means surrender. Until you are willing to surrender to what God is saying in ALL things. You serve God in your worship. God accepts what He asks for not what you want to give Him. Pay attention to His instruction.

Be it unto me according to your word, this is worship.

Your hunger is to be redirected to His word and your worship is to pay attention to what He has called you into.

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