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Josh 1:8

Jer. 29:11 Speaks of the will of God. Peace (Shalom) means you have the totality of every good thing available in God. For example; the totality of the goodness of God in Christ. Your life must reflect the will of God in Christ being peace.

James 1:13

God does not tempt with evil / sickness. Remember that Christ was led in the Spirit to the wilderness to be tempted through the pride of life / lust of the eyes and flesh. Know that it is not in the will of God to be tempted of sickness / poverty / problems etc. For God’s will to become a reality in your life, your mind has to be aligned with God’s mind. The children of Israel didn’t enter the promise land because their minds didn’t align with God. Your Christianity is as progressive as your mind is aligned with God.

Rom 12:2

The key to your transformation is based solely on mind renewal. Your situation will transform when your mind is renewed. It is the information your mind receives how far you are transformed.

Prove is from the greek word, dokimazo meaning allow. When your mind is renewed then you allow the will of God. Everything that happens / you experience is a function of what you allow or disallow.

You are who you are because of how you think. Likewise, although God wanted to take the children of Israel into the promise land (Canaan), their minds kept thinking back at Egypt. When our mind is renewed, it will reflect God’s will and respond to the word of God, not to crisis.

Num 21:6 Beware, do not be prone to exalt what is ungodly. Your response to the attack of the devil is to look at Christ, the word of God!

What creates the greater emotional response -The word of God OR the circumstance of your life?

Everything or anything you do must be done in faith. The enemy operates in darkness; the answer to every situation is knowledge! Study the word of God!

Heb. 11:7 Noah moved by faith, you should be moved by who speaks, God or the devil? God or the man of God? The man of God should echo what God is saying!

2 Cor 5:7 Faith is the lifestyle of every child of God. Faith is to a believer as water is to a fish. To walk by faith means to live your life being moved by the word.

There are 2 realities upon the earth. Reality of fact or grace.

Faith takes what grace has made available. To live in the reality of grace, you need to act by faith.

1 Cor 1:30 Grace has made wisdom available. This is a state of wisdom.

James 1:5-7 Although wisdom has been made available, however you access wisdom by faith. Grace provides a superior reality based on truth.

Faith is not acting according to what you are seeing, rather it is acting according to what God is showing.

What does God show? 1 Cor 2:9, Prov 20:12

It is not every eye that sees neither is it every ear that hears.

Seen comes from the greek word eido meaning perception / awareness / realisation.

Heard comes from the greek word akouo meaning understanding and intended meaning.

We do not see with eyes, we see with knowledge. Faith is acting on the knowledge God has shown not according to what you see. Faith does not negate fact, but understands that there is a truth that negates facts. For example, David had a superior knowledge that informed his victory over Goliath the giant.

How does God begin to show you what is necessary?

Joshua 1:8; Psa 19:8

Do you want to operate by fact or by faith?

The things that you observe to do are the things God will show you. If you do not meditate on the word, God cannot show you and therefore you would not have anything to observe to do.

Meditation means to pay attention to until you can act on. It is what your heart has paid attention to that you attract.

To observe comes from the Hebrew word shamar means to pay attention to and protect. What do you pay attention to: the words you hear and protect. Pay attention to the words God has spoken to you and protect the word of God that you have received.

Secondly, observe what you say. What are you saying? Pay attention to what you are saying!

Thirdly, pay attention to what you do (your actions). Protect what you do and pay attention to your actions. Not everyone would understand why you do what you do. But you know what God has instructed you and pay attention to observe to do and act.

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