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1 Chr 4:9-10

The blessing is the Holy Spirit, the presence of God. The result of the blessing in your life is dependent on how you steward His presence. Prosperity is not tied to status but presence.

Gen 1:28

The blessing is the key to fruitfulness while, generosity with the blessing is the key to enlargement. The ability to be generous with the Spirit of God inside of you produces the enlargement that you seek.

Gen 12:2

Abraham was a blessed man and Lot was blessed on account of Abraham.

When God blesses, He doesn’t just bless the individual, rather He blesses the entire “body”. With the blessing comes responsibility which means that the rest of the body must partake of the blessing that you have received. The blessing that I have received is for me to serve you. In the Kingdom of God, there is never scarcity, it is the human mind that produces scarcity.

By being generous with the Holy Spirit, His presence and resources. The wealth, status and favour of God upon our lives, is not for you alone. You must be willing to bless others with it likewise.

Num 11:16-30

Things become easier when you are generous. Selfishness is the root of stress. Being generous will ensure that there are more people to bear the burden. Moses had a generous mind-set, he was secure in God, enough not to seek territorial recognition.

Matt 10:1-11:2

Enlargement comes through generosity.

Mark 6:5-14

Until Jesus gave power to the disciples, Herod did not hear of him. If you are not generous with what God has given you, you will not have the impact God has prepared for you.

Generosity with your status, resources and wealth. Without generosity there is no growth. Before God will enlarge you in status, He will first enlarge your heart. You are blessed to be a blessing. Generosity breaks the power of attachment to our wealth, possessions, status etc. There will be no fear of insecurity. When a person is constantly giving, he will not be afraid of what he perceives to loose. We are called to impact.

Your generosity is a manifestation of not being materialistic, self-centred, possessive and insecure.

Gen 3:1-7

Insecurity is a manifestation of the Adamic nature and stolen identity. Every human being in themselves is insecure, it takes God not to be insecure. This is a flawed mentality. Christ has been made to us wisdom not intelligence. Wisdom is humble, it is not insecure. Insecurity in intelligence is what makes a person perceive another as intelligent and become offended, whilst wisdom says you can learn from the other.

Serpent is from the word ‘nachash’. A serpent is one who whispers, one who hisses and one who gossips. A serpent is corny/crafty when they can manipulate a situation to their own advantage, their intention is to promote their agenda. Satan moves to and fro looking for whom to displace from their position, usually by sending one on an errand that God did not authorise. A serpentine spirit will always appear first as though he is giving you advice. Eve’s problem was who she was listening to. The voice of the enemy raises doubt (doubt in God’s ability & the character of God) in your heart. Example of these doubt are can God heal me and would He heal me? The longer you speak to God, the clearer things become, and likewise the longer you speak / listen to the enemy, the more you end in confusion.

Jude 1:9

No need to dispute or get into argument or reason with the serpent, simply say, the Lord rebuke you!

Gen 3:2-6

The spirit of the serpent will minimise the instruction of God in your life. The serpent gives you the wrong focus. Adam and Eve were right as long as their focus was on God. The serpentine spirit takes your eyes off God and puts it on what has been provided i.e. the object. The Holy Spirit is the spirit of conviction. Your sense of right and wrong should come from God who directs. As long as your eyes remain on yourself, you will always be insecure. You were created to set your eyes on the Lord and not on yourself. Insecurity sees competition everywhere. True security comes by the willingness to share with others.

Heb 13:5-6 (AMP)

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