Anointing For Speed


What part of your life lags behind so much that unless God intervenes, you can never catch up?

Psa 90 This Psalm was written by Moses. God had told him to climb a mountain and there he saw how Israel paled into significance when compared to the well developed military might and social structure that the Canaanites had. The Israelites had been slaves for 430 years and then wanderers in the wilderness for another 40 years.  During this time, the Canaanites had advanced themselves. To carry out God’s instruction to drive out the Canaanites, Moses observed that they needed divine intervention to not only catch up but exceed the great might of the Canaanites. Moses called on God to do what He does best-restoration. Psa 90:15-16.

In 1st Kings 18:44-46, King Ahab rode a chariot which typically can go as fast as 100km/hr. Elijah was a prophet not a runner, but the hand of God took his limited ability to run and made it exceed the power of a chariot. If Elijah had jumped on a chariot to chase after Ahab, it would have been difficult to catch up as Ahab already had a head start.

Your contemporaries may have gone far ahead of you. Don’t think of using the flesh i.e., human systems, ways and thoughts (chariots) to catch up.  Call on the hand of God which has the ability to take your normal but limited activities and translate them into supernatural results.

Manifestations of those who witness supernatural results

  1. They break forth (Gen 38:27-29)

Zerah brought out his hand and his efforts were recognised with a red thread. It seemed he had the advantage. People clapped and celebrated him but it was a false start because he should have come out properly-with the head and not hand. Perez on the other hand, seemed to be the black sheep but he came out and was named the first. People were amazed at how he broke forth, hence his name-Perez-break forth. People will be amazed at your breaking forth.

  1. There is a restoration of labour (Ex 12: 35-41)

The Israelites invested their time, resources, energy, and creativity in Egypt for 430 years and in one night were repaid. Although the whole of Egypt was mourning their first born children and animals, they still went in and brought out the best for the Israelites when asked. As you ask for God’s intervention, He will repay your investment in your career, marriage, children etc.

In one day, the inflation in Israel was reversed to prosperity. The adviser believed in God and believed God was able to open the windows of heaven but he did not believe God would do it. Christians often believe that God has power to do great things but are unable to believe that He will actually display His power to do great things in our lives. The adviser was killed; your inability to trust God to do the miraculous may hill his destiny for you.

  1. Time is manipulated ( Isa 38:7-8)

Time is manipulated so that you can receive the supernatural speed whilst working within natural time. Time can be reversed. Likewise Sarah, her biological time was reversed whilst her body followed chronological time. In heaven, light is from God and not the sun. Thus, chronological time and its effects are suspended in heaven. That’s why we do not grow old in heaven. So when you allow Jesus (the Light) to intervene in your situation, the laws of natural time (chronological time) are suspended and manipulated for your good. 

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