Matt 11:25-30 Come to me Jesus says and learn of me, meaning come fellowship with Jesus and discover His ways and thoughts.

The Holy Spirit is the first deposit in you of eternal life when you become born again. You become connected to God.

Acts 1:1-3; 28:1-30; Mark 3:14; Acts 5:42

God has revealed the keys of the Kingdom to those who are totally dependent on Him, as babies are to their mothers.

Keep repeating the miracle and victory of the cross, proclaiming the testimony of all that Christ has done for you. Let this form your daily confession to the devil and every circumstance that surrounds you.

John 14:26; Matt 6:19-34; Isa 40:31 God did not leave you on earth to fend for yourself. He has given us His Holy Spirit to lead us to all truth about all He has completed on your behalf. God expects you to be absolutely dependent on Him. Your life is a complete life in Christ in God; that you are not yet fully aware of this reality does not mean it’s not true. When you align with God, you will find all He has planned for you from the foundation of your being Psa 139:13-16.

Only a heart that is totally sold out (as a slave) to Jesus can truly discover the treasure within. Why don’t you prove God in your life and discover His hidden treasure in you.

Situations, circumstances and problems are life tools to prove God in your life.

God is real.

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