Are you a Process or Events based Christian?


Events based Christians see misfortune as an event which requires another event to bring about a recovery. As life is filled with both good and bad events, this Christian lives from one break through to another.

Unlike a Process based Christian who sees misfortune as is in a negative situation but is living life regardless because he/she knows that their life can only get better.

Process based Christian’s world view

  • Events are catalyst to speed up reactions. These events re-engineers your vision.
  • The routine of life is part of the miracle/breakthrough Luke 1:8,
  • God meets u in your way/routine (Job 23:8-10). Your ways should be based on God’s way
  • You must be consistent. God is not about how hard you try but your consistency. Service your altar regularly.
  • Process starts as a seed

Adonijah was passed over as King of Israel (misfortune) 1st Kings 2: 10-15. Instead of looking forward to how he could add value to the kingdom, he chose to focus on the past (vs 15). He chose to see his life as stalled, not moving forward.  He chose to behave like an events based Christian and took actions that resulted in his early death.

Events based Christian focus on the past. Process Christians see life as a process; a journey moving from one mountain to another mountain (greater heights). In between mountains are valleys so they see valleys as opportunities to climb to greater heights.

Affliction and hardship are not life’s bus stops. They are climbing stones. Don’t have an attitude of “it’s my fault” or “it’s my mistake” when adversity strikes. Consider it as a way of learning and growing. Remember, sometimes you win and sometimes you learn (not lose).

Lam 3:27 Your youth is your season of inexperience. In your season of inexperience, learn so you can grow to the next level. There are different battles in life; some are won with passion or some with wisdom. You need to discern how to win the battle. You go through life, have issues and then He comforts us so we can comfort others

Many are called few are chosen. The same you that is called undergoes a process to change being chosen. Jacob underwent a process to become Israel.

When you are a process based Christian, it absolves you of any responsibility to sustain any breakthrough you experience. Although it’s a gift because all good things come from God, you need to stay in faith to sustain the break through. Remember, demons (issues) go away and check back later John 13:12.

Gen 1:1 is an event. Gen 1:3 onwards was a process. Events lie with God. Focus on the process. John 5:14 Jesus told the man to start a process by choosing life. Isa 2:2-3, miracles are sustained by process.

Events are to birth decisions to build into processes. Luke 16:3. He showed his emotional intelligence. He was self-aware. Ask God to reveal yourself to you and be honest enough to judge yourself correctly.

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