Beyond Lodebar: Machir & Amiel


2nd Sam 9:4. Machir means a salesman who trades by barter i.e., exchanges goods for goods and not cash. Value of goods depends on season of need.  During winter, fans are stored away but in summer, they are brought out for use. Fans in winter are not worthless; they are just not in the season of their need. 

The fact that it is not yet your season does not mean you don’t have value.  If you are being under-valued, it’s either you are out of location or it is not yet your season.

Seasons are cyclical, so your season will come back; just in case you missed the previous cycle.

Amiel means builder of the people of God. Lodebar means no pasture which means no food, provision or word. Mephiboseth found himself in a place where the person who was meant to build people of God had no word.  Therefore, he was lame. Your quality of prosperity is tied to the quality of the word you receive into your heart.

Confession of sin restores your relationship/fellowship with Christ. Confession of sin is what you need and not what God needs. All God needs is already in Christ’s death which gives remission of sin.

This means Jesus has paid for all your sins therefore you have nothing else to do or pay to earn forgiveness. Confession of righteousness breaks the power of sin so that you do not keep committing the sin.

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