Big Dreams – The Anatomy of a Dreamer II








Gen 37: 1-20

God is raising Kingdom financiers who will support the gospel, people who will empower the vision of the Church to execute God’s agenda. These are the days of Kingdom empowerment.

God is raising Kingdom Champions who will pursue the Kingdom agenda.

 Gen 37:10 Your dreams are given to you by God so whether people feel you are not qualified for your dream, keep dreaming. When Joseph’s brothers saw him afar off, they attacked him. Men attack potential not finished product.

Jacob lived a dysfunctional and challenging life. All through his life, he struggled due to his false identity. Joseph was a son that Jacob always wanted. Until Rachel had a son, Jacob never really acknowledged and acknowledged the other children he had through Leah and the maidservants, Bilhah and Zilpah. Gen 37:2 The sons of Bilhah and Zilpah were products of a timid and frail relationship. Joseph being a favourite of his father knew more than his brothers and appears to be more competent.

Gen 37:3-4 Favouritism is a thief of joy. The brothers came to a place of reduced joy and low self-esteem. The fact that someone is favoured more than you should not make you plot their downfall.

Joseph’s validation was not tied to his brother’s attitude to him but he was too focused on his father’s love; he had a comfortable self-worth.

Gen 37:8 Joseph shared his dream with his brothers and they hated him more. The ability to dream is a gift from God because he had assessed the possibility of a better future. His brothers could not dream like him, he could see beyond the present. Your dream is where you see yourself. Joseph saw himself in a position of authority. Your dream is who you can become. Your dream is what you can do with your life. Joseph spent more time with his father, Joseph fed on the words of his father. Because when the father speaks he only sees possibility.

Similarly, we should fed on the words of our Father, God. When He speaks, we will see possibilities. The bible is primed to make you see what others cannot see about you. Man will always see your limitations but God sees your possibilities. God’s words are meant to make your mind expand. When God speaks you will dream and break out of every limitation. Limitation is a thing of the mind. 2 Cor 10:5

Joseph bought firmly into what he saw in his dream. Joseph marked, noted, spoke and defined himself by his dream. Joseph dreamt a second time and he knew it was established.

Heb 2:1; Hab 2:2 Pay attention to your dreams less you forget. Wait for the fulfilment. A vision is a dream that has been articulated. You have to follow God’s trail, you will eventually get to His desired destination.

Gen 37:13-14 Joseph was using his favoured position to inspect his brothers and bring a report. In contrast, when God sent our brother, Jesus He came to die for us so we can receive His good report and have the favour with God the Father. Therefore be able to dream and be a blessing to others around us.

Gen 45:3-11; Gen 46:31-47:6 When God gives you wealth, it is for the common good of man so that all will see your good works and glorify the Father in Heaven. Joseph came to a place of maturity and he knew that he was blessed to be a blessing. Your favour is not for you but for those around you. Your fulfilment in life is the value you give to others. No stream drinks from itself but for others. That which is precious will carry value.

Num 23 - 24 PRAY!!!!

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