Gal 2:20

As you proceed in this Christian race whatever is “self” you leave it for Christ and let Christ empty you and fill you a new – allowing your flesh die daily.

You need to get to a stage in your walk with God were you become totally dependent and surrendered to God, not focusing on yourself and your needs.

Although God was with Jacob throughout his life, he did not fully enter into the fullness of God’s plan for him until he totally surrendered and yielded to God, only then was his life fully transformed.

Gen 32:1-32; 33:9-11 As God unfolds His purpose for you, desire to yield to Him absolutely because His thoughts and plans are good and not evil and will always deal graciously with you and bring you to His expected end which guarantees fulfilment.

Seek God’s heart and not His hand. He is able to deliver today as He did yesterday.

Desire to dwell in God’s word.

Stay thankful in every season of life.

Get to a point in your walk with God where you seek to please God first and not man. As you do this, man will eventually seek you out.

How pliable are you in God’s hands? Example: Apostle Paul

He was teachable in God’s hands.

He became absolutely transformed and got lost in God, seeking only that which pleases God.

Covet the fellowship of the Holy Spirit by:

Be intimate with your Lord

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